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  1. Some other thoughts on Time Trials: Problems There is no discernible order to the stages on the Stage Select screen To change vehicle, I have to go all the way back to the main menu and reload the stage I would prefer if Restart or Service Area were the top option on the Results Hub page rather than Return to Main Menu Wishes I wish I could see which times I have set from the Location or Stage Select screens I wish I could see my times without having to load the global leaderboard I wish I knew which percentile my time was in on the leaderboar
  2. I wish night rallies or bad weather rallies were available in time trial mode. Specifically, I wish I run heavy snow Sweden.
  3. I created a gigantic spreadsheet for keeping track of all my stage times. It includes all car classes and all stages (dry and wet). I think that covers all the possible leaderboards. I set the permissions to be viewable but not editable so take a look and copy a version for yourself! Dirt Rally 2.0 Time Sheet Google Doc Let me know if you come up with any cool additions that I could add to the master doc.
  4. Individual split practice Bring back Community Delta More demanding Hardcore Damage mode Manual car recovery without waiting View championship details from within an event Custom pace notes Custom audio for pace notes More stages from other Dirt games Ability to mark cars as favorites
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