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  1. That long Scottish stage with the Legacy is just so awesome. It's te 2nd one in the 2nd tier. The Legacy is becomming my favourite car.
  2. It is listed in the menu as 6 speed manual. So either the text is wrong or the car in the game is wrong.
  3. I logged this as a bug. I think you are right. Same as with the R5 turbo ( that got fixed though)
  4. ps4 The newly added Subaru S4 uses sequetial shifting when you select option Sequetion/Hshifter with clutch. It should behave like an H shifter car. This bug is similar to the Renault Turbo one.
  5. Just tried the Legacy and S4 in Scotland. They sound and look and drive delicious!
  6. Scotland and those cars, for free!!! 🙂
  7. I still use the G25. I love its round shape and I let the game set the degree of rotation for me. To me this feels the most realistic. Exception: Codemaster F1 games. There I set it to 360.
  8. Nice setup! Why did you remove the clutch? In rwd cars in Dr2.0 I need the clutch in hairpins, otherwise the engine stalls. Enjoy it!
  9. From my visit of the Condroz rally in Belgium last weekend 🚙
  10. thank you! The 206 WRC really is a nice drive in DR2.0
  11. System : PS4 slim, G29, TH8A shifter, homebrew handbrake via keyboard input. The Renault R5 Turbo is listed as a 5 speed manual. Historically correct. But when I drive it, I have to use my sequential shifter to shift gears. Only when I select the H pattern option I can use my H shifter. Strange as other cars do this correct. Note: I created 3 separate posts as per instructions.
  12. System : PS4 slim, G29, TH8A shifter, homebrew handbrake via keyboard input. The 206 WRC does not have dials behind the steering wheel. Is that true for the real one as well?
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