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  1. 9 hours ago, Mennoo22 said:

    fair point. haven't thought about that

    I could not get on par with the 70/80 cars in the earlier F1 games. I am glad they focus is on the more modern cars. There are other sims that we can use for the vintage F1 cars.

    Looking forward to July!

  2. 9 minutes ago, tonzboher said:

    99 wrc car was Paddle shift sequential a couple of events into the season


    It is listed in the menu as 6 speed manual. So either the text is wrong or the car in the game is wrong.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Evo8uk said:

    Should the Impreza s4 be a manual or sequential? Game says it’s a 6 speed manual yet when driving its sequential

    I logged this as a bug. I think you are right. Same as with the R5 turbo ( that got fixed though)

  4. I just installed the latest patch. Regular ps4 Deluxe owner and Season 2 buyer. G29 and TH8a

    After the patch, the option for gearing : "manual H with clutch OR sequential" Has no effect at all anymore. I have to manually select the transmission type, just as it was when the game launched.

    Anyone else experiencing this?


    Edit Probably a hardware problem on my end

  5. 12 hours ago, HoksuHoo said:

    Renault 5 Turbo has the wrong gearbox. GUI says it is manual but it is erroneously sequential when you drive it. This was reported in the two earlier bug report threads, probably before that too, and still not fixed.

    • What platform you're playing on: Steam
    • What your PC setup/build is like (graphics card, processor etc.).: 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Sound Blaster Z, Windows 10     
    • Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user (doesn't apply to Oculus). : Super Deluxe   
    • Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc. : G920 steering wheel+shifter


    This ^  PS4 Deluxe owner.

    Love the game guys, but please fix this. Low hanging fruits.


  6. System PS4 slim, G29, TH8A shifter, homebrew handbrake via keyboard input.

    The Renault R5 Turbo is listed as a 5 speed manual. Historically correct. But when I drive it, I have to use my sequential shifter to shift gears. Only when I select the H pattern option I can use my H shifter. Strange as other cars do this correct.
    Note: I created 3 separate posts as per instructions.
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  7. System PS4 slim, G29, TH8A shifter, homebrew handbrake via keyboard input.

    So I downloaded the 208 WRC and the VW kit car 🙂
    Love both new cars!
    I use the close dash cam without the the steering wheel but with the dials.
    At the start of a stage there is no engine sound. Cycling through the views fixes this. But still....  (just read that this is on the list to fix 🙂
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