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  1. DarrenAH

    F1 2018 PC GP - Multiplayer error

    I definitely haven't, as I wouldn't know how to to be honest
  2. DarrenAH

    F1 2018 PC GP - Multiplayer error

    Had another friend in Scotland (I'm in England) help me out and I was able to connect to him fine, but again he got the error when I was host. So it looks like no one can connect to my account/my router when I'm hosting EDIT: Just tired a network cable and we could connect, however both machines need to be wired for it to work. If either machine is wireless it throws up the error. I never tried that as it's very awkward to have both machines on a wired connection due to the router location etc but at least it's narrowed it down a bit. I'll see if my Scottish friend can help me out testing my ability to host via a wired connection tomorrow night.
  3. DarrenAH

    F1 2018 PC GP - Multiplayer error

    This is the result of the IPconfig, to me it looks normal. The other machine is showing the same things but the Local Area Connections are numbered 2 and 3 Windows IP Configuration Ethernet adapter Ethernet: Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connection* 3: Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connection* 4: Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Wireless LAN adapter WiFi: Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : *****::****:*****:*****:****** IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : ***.***.***.*** Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . : ***.***.***.*** Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : ***.***.***.***
  4. DarrenAH

    F1 2018 PC GP - Multiplayer error

    I haven't and I can try later, but if it was a Firewall issue I would assume a connection would not be able to be made at all. As I say both devices can join and host lobbies separately and even join the same lobby, just so long as neither are the host of that lobby. EDIT: I disabled the Firewall on both machines and was still unable to connect, however this time it actually gave an Error Code: WM10054
  5. DarrenAH

    F1 2018 PC GP - Multiplayer error

    Had one device connect via hotspot on a phone and got the same result
  6. DarrenAH

    F1 2018 PC GP - Multiplayer error

    Went the GFWL route and both showing NAT as open To try and give more info on this, both devices are in the same location and connect to the same router, not that it should cause this issue but wanted to mention it. Also when in a lobby the connection icon flashes for both of us, but again I don't think that has anything to do with it as I have seen that across multiple F1 games for multiple people and never noticed an issue. All the things I can think of as to why this would happen I disregard as we can both join someone else's lobby, the issue only seems to occur when one of us is the host of the lobby. For example when searching for an non GFWL way to check the NATs I saw some posts talking about opening certain ports on the router, but if one connection uses the necessary port we wouldn't both be able to join ANY lobby together surely? ... Unless being host in a lobby reserves the other ports to be able to maintain the best connection therefore blocking out access to those ports by another device (which wouldn't make sense to me but I'm not a network engineer) I haven't been able to test if we are in another person's lobby and the host leaves, migrating host to one of us, if that would drop the other
  7. DarrenAH

    F1 2018 PC GP - Multiplayer error

    Thanks for the replies, apologies if the title didn't make it clear but it's the PC version, the Windows 10 version on GamePass to be specific (not the Steam version)
  8. DarrenAH

    F1 2018 PC GP - Multiplayer error

    Update: So we can both join the same lobby if neither of us are host, we were both able to join someone else's unranked lobby. If one of us creates the lobby the other can't join, why would that be?
  9. Everytime I try to connect to a session, ranked or unranked, I get a message saying "Error - Failed to join the session" There is literally no one else online except me and my friend, If I start an unranked lobby he can't join, if he starts it then I can't join. Same with Ranked, both get the notification that the session is available but once one of us gets in to the lobby the other gets the error message.
  10. DarrenAH

    F1 2018 - Windows 10

    This version of the game recently came to Game Pass for PC on Windows 10 which I am very happy about. I wanted to know however when you think the Multiplayer portion of the game would be added to it? Obviously I'm not looking for a specific date but a general ball park would be nice, expected this year, Q1 of 2020 etc. or not at all... Thanks
  11. Shouldn't have lost so much from a quit out, but best thing in future would be to either finish the race (coming in last is better than quitting early) or if you have to retire because of terminal damage just retire and spectate until the end. Again you'll come in last but you shouldn't lose as much as if you quit
  12. No worries, thought it might be a big ask. thanks for coming back to me. Is it confirmed that the updates to the system will be going into 1.11 then? I know that's what you were hoping for but confirmation would be cool. Ta
  13. @Faya @Hoo Hello both, It's a long shot I know but thought I would ask anyway. Due to a number of issues including game crashes and start line glitches (https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/41886-multiplayer-ranked-race-gets-stuck-on-waiting-for-other-players-sg/) I have lost hundreds of skill rating points and with the 1.09 patch giving less points for decent finishes it will take longer for me to get back to where I was than if I could just redo the 5 placement races. So I am wondering if that could be an option at all? I don't mean to add it into the game of course, just a request to you guys behind the scenes to do it for me? Cheers
  14. Thank you for the update for your projected updates to the issues raised here. A quick couple of follow up questions; Adjusting the skill ranking points based on the number of players in a race so that players can still earn decent points even in races with fewer people in them. - Will this still yield decent (or at least some) points when in a lobby with just one other person? I notice you are primarily talking about ways to increase the points gained, which I like all the ideas you are looking to implement, however does this mean you are not looking into decreasing the losses at the same time? Again thank you for outlining the points that you will not be looking into changing and I for one can see the logic and reasoning behind each of them. Again though, a couple of follow up questions; Ghosting of cars. - You make a good point on this, but I would like to state that the majority of the time it is not the person who has caused the incident that is sideways on the track, it is also not that person who is rounding the corner about to crash into the stopped driver. It may not even be an incident, it may be that someone has just taken a bad corner and is re-joining the track or is trying to recover (lower safety rating would not prevent this). In cases where it is an incident and someone is at fault, it is unlikely that they would receive a penalty and even if they did they would gain less points (if finishing high enough) where as the people involved in the aftermath are very likely to finish in the lower half and therefore definitely lose points. I would like to ask again that this be reviewed simply for cars that are on track and stationary/moving less that 20mph (trolls waiting for victims) for more than 1ms should be ghosted. Lowering “Pure Gold” criteria. In light of the various changes to the balancing, this achievement should become easier to obtain. - I assume you mean the changes to the balancing you are talking about in this post and what you are looking to implement in the future. As the changes that were made to the balancing in 1.09 I believe made it more difficult to obtain. Difficult may be the wrong word but it would definitely take longer with the 1.09 system compared to the 1.08 system. As I have mentioned before and from what I have posted in this thread you can see that in the 1.09 system the losses are still much higher in comparison to the gains, and Pure Gold will take longer to achieve because both have been reduced. If you are not looking to lower the losses whilst increasing the gains I would honestly prefer going back to the 1.08 system. I know you could lose more, but you could also gain a lot more too. Now-a-days, each race I play I see as gambling, it's 90% luck and 10% skill, and in gambling you need to bet big to win big. In the 1.08 system you were betting big as a loss was a big loss, but a win was a big win. As seen from my previous posts, in the 1.08 system I was better off overall. Thank you again for the update and look forward to hearing your responses to my follow ups when you get chance.