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  1. Canada - Xbox One, Ranked 5 lap race As you can see when you get to the end of the clip the person we are waiting for quits the session and the races starts as normal for the remaining players
  2. Happened to me again, Spain this time - XBOX One, Ranked 5 lap race I have a video spliced together 2 separate clips so the join might look a bit funny. I know its long but you can skip about a minute in the middle when I'm on the grid with no HUD. Also, the person that comes from behind me is Santi Mun3z 87, I'm not sure about the position of any of the other drivers.
  3. My experience was the same as the OP, if it happens again I will try to record it. To answer your questions for the time it happened to me: On Xbox One, racing at Germany I believe, online Ranked. Nothing notable happened from the previous session that I remember. There was 16 people plus me, qualification was fine, the countdown finishes and the list of people on the right goes as if we are going to get the HUD up and prep for manual start but then the list comes back up on the right side waiting for one person to connect, and Awaiting Players on the left with the spinning circ
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