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  1. Shouldn't have lost so much from a quit out, but best thing in future would be to either finish the race (coming in last is better than quitting early) or if you have to retire because of terminal damage just retire and spectate until the end. Again you'll come in last but you shouldn't lose as much as if you quit
  2. Thank you for the update for your projected updates to the issues raised here. A quick couple of follow up questions; Adjusting the skill ranking points based on the number of players in a race so that players can still earn decent points even in races with fewer people in them. - Will this still yield decent (or at least some) points when in a lobby with just one other person? I notice you are primarily talking about ways to increase the points gained, which I like all the ideas you are looking to implement, however does this mean you are not looking into decreasing the losses at the same time? Again thank you for outlining the points that you will not be looking into changing and I for one can see the logic and reasoning behind each of them. Again though, a couple of follow up questions; Ghosting of cars. - You make a good point on this, but I would like to state that the majority of the time it is not the person who has caused the incident that is sideways on the track, it is also not that person who is rounding the corner about to crash into the stopped driver. It may not even be an incident, it may be that someone has just taken a bad corner and is re-joining the track or is trying to recover (lower safety rating would not prevent this). In cases where it is an incident and someone is at fault, it is unlikely that they would receive a penalty and even if they did they would gain less points (if finishing high enough) where as the people involved in the aftermath are very likely to finish in the lower half and therefore definitely lose points. I would like to ask again that this be reviewed simply for cars that are on track and stationary/moving less that 20mph (trolls waiting for victims) for more than 1ms should be ghosted. Lowering “Pure Gold” criteria. In light of the various changes to the balancing, this achievement should become easier to obtain. - I assume you mean the changes to the balancing you are talking about in this post and what you are looking to implement in the future. As the changes that were made to the balancing in 1.09 I believe made it more difficult to obtain. Difficult may be the wrong word but it would definitely take longer with the 1.09 system compared to the 1.08 system. As I have mentioned before and from what I have posted in this thread you can see that in the 1.09 system the losses are still much higher in comparison to the gains, and Pure Gold will take longer to achieve because both have been reduced. If you are not looking to lower the losses whilst increasing the gains I would honestly prefer going back to the 1.08 system. I know you could lose more, but you could also gain a lot more too. Now-a-days, each race I play I see as gambling, it's 90% luck and 10% skill, and in gambling you need to bet big to win big. In the 1.08 system you were betting big as a loss was a big loss, but a win was a big win. As seen from my previous posts, in the 1.08 system I was better off overall. Thank you again for the update and look forward to hearing your responses to my follow ups when you get chance.
  3. I know you are probably right, just trying to throw some kind of ideas around, hoping something might spark a change in some way When it comes down to it the best change they could make is the first request in the OP, and pretty much why the thread was made in the first place, it is also something that they have shown they are able to do already, alter the gains and losses. What should be done though is to increase the gains and reduce the losses, not reducing them across the board as they did in 1.09
  4. Canada - Xbox One, Ranked 5 lap race As you can see when you get to the end of the clip the person we are waiting for quits the session and the races starts as normal for the remaining players
  5. I really don't want this thread to fall into people just complaining about the game. IMO the game itself is fine, most of the time it works as it should, it feels good to play and drive in the different cars. You can see the time, effort and polish that has gone into it. The issue this thread it trying to address is specifically the skill rating system so please try and keep it on topic, provide information of your experiences with evidence and/or numbers to back it up. Just saying "I lost points, this game sucks!" does not help. @Hoo @Britpoint Please confirm that you are still wanting info about this, more relevant information the better - lobby sizes, finishing position, other players ratings, your points gained/lost, anything else needed? I have been struggling for motivation to go back into Ranked races myself, since my last post: Starting points - 1361 8 player lobby, finished 3rd ... gained 8 points - beaten by a silver 1 and a silver 2. Beat two silver 1s, two bronze threes and a Silver 2 Game crashed ... lost 28 points 6 player lobby, finished 1st ... gained 15 points - beat a silver 2 and four silver 1s 9 player lobby, finished 6th (sideways car not ghosted) ... lost 6 points - beaten by three silver 1s and two silver 2s, beat two silver 2s and a silver 1 Flogging a dead horse with this non ghosting of stationary cars, there must be a trigger for it to happen, if it's a time thing can it be changed to 1ms, or less, before ghosted? 12 player lobby, finished 10th ... lost 20 points - beaten by five silver 1s and four silver 2s, beat a bronze 3 and a silver 1 12 player lobby, finished 4th ... gained 16 points - beaten by a silver 3 and two silver 1s, beat five silver 1s, a bronze 3 and two silver 2s Start line glitch "waiting for players" - one guy sets off, rest on start line. He crashes and quits, race starts as normal but drop outs from start line not in final standings - video added to https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/41886-multiplayer-ranked-race-gets-stuck-on-waiting-for-other-players/ 8 player lobby, finished 4th ... gained 3 points - beaten by three silver 1s, beat a silver 1, two silver 2s and a bronze 3 10 player lobby, finished 9th ... lost 22 points - beaten by four silver 1s, a bronze 3, a silver 3 and two silver 2s, beat a bronze 3 15 player lobby, finished 4th ... gained 25 points - beaten by a silver 1, a silver 2 and a silver 3, beat five silver 1s, three silver 2s, two bronze 3s and one 1 placement racer I got knocked in this race too and would like to ask that the "reset to track" option should be the default whenever the start button is pressed, sometimes defaults to "race director". I think if the game is paused before race or when "reset to track" available as you are on the track the top option is "race director" and then it defaults to last highlighted instead of top option the next time the game is paused. Could that be changed please. Ended the day on 1352 ... I shouldn't have played basically. I have highlighted in bold where I believe you can see that the points are either too few (gains) or too many (losses) for the finishing position/ranks of the other racers. Am I right or do you think that these are what you would expect? All of my points losses this weekend came from knocks and spins, F1 isn't like other racing games but still people treat it like one and that will never change so in my mind you have to build things into the game to compensate for this. To add another couple of suggestions for system changes; If you don't want to remove points losses for early quits, etc and are reluctant to reduce it for bad finishes can you at least put a cap on it? For example (in the lower gains of the 1.09 system) max points loss for anything is 10 points, that would include, last place finish, DNF or disconnect for whatever reason. Have a separate set of ranked lobbies that have collisions off, set the points gain lower than the collisions on ranked races (if you do this you would need to raise the gains back up again though) but allow people to have the choice, I can almost guarantee that the majority of people will be in the no collision lobbies.
  6. Another update, few more races today and today I wanted to try smaller lobbies to see if gaining it is worth gaining a few points from these or if it is better to wait for the bigger lobbies - XB1, 5 laps started at 1309, silver 1 12 player lobby, finished 2nd ... gained 26 points 9 player lobby, finished 3rd ... gained 12 points 8 player lobby, finished 3rd ... gained 8 points 5 player lobby, finished 3rd ... gained 5 points - beaten by a gold 1 and a silver 3, beat a bronze 2 and a bronze 3 4 player lobby, finished 2nd ... gained 3 points - beaten by a silver 3, beat a bronze 2 and a bronze 3 3 player lobby, finished 2nd ... gained/lost 0 points - beaten by a silver 3, beat a bronze 3 3 player lobby, finished 3rd ... lost 5 points - beaten by a silver 2 and a silver 3 This one I don't get, the others I understand (although not necessarily agree with) but as a silver 1 I am surely expected to lose to the silver 2 and 3 in the lobby? So I would have thought it would be another gain/loss of 0, but to lose 5 wipes out the last 30 minutes or more of racing. On the opposite side I'm sure the guy winning barely gained points, if at all as he was beating people rated much lower than him. A win should surely guarantee a few points, even if it is a 1v1. I would say 5 points would be a little something but in this update 5 points is quite a lot, just a single point would be enough now I think. Haven't been able to successfully get a 1v1 lobby though yet to see if there are any gains. 4 player lobby, finished 2nd ... gained 3 points - beaten by a silver 3, beat a silver one and bronze 3 5 player lobby, finished 1st ... gained 10 points - beat a bronze 3, silver 3, silver 1 and a silver 2 3 player lobby, finished 1st ... gained 6 points - beat 2 silver 1s So after hours of racing and racing pretty well if I say so myself, I went up a total of 68 points. This is not worth the time and effort put in. So in conclusion .... no, in my opinion smaller lobbies aren't worth racing. The gains are tiny and the losses can be small but still has a big impact on the gains. The only reason to race smaller lobbies is if you know you will definitely win, anything less than a win is almost a waste of time, and I'm at silver 1! Silver 2 and 3 have an even harder time gaining points if they are constantly placed in the same lobbies as I have been in, which they obviously are as I have raced against them And to finish the day ... 8 player lobby, finished 7th ... lost 16 points - beaten by a bronze 3 and the rest silver 1s, beat a silver 1 Unsurprisingly a first corner incident, I am spun out - 2 sec time penalty - I'm sideways not the track not ghosted, I get hit and lose my front wing - 3 sec time penalty. After replacing the wing I catch up to the guy in 7th who side-swipes me into the barrier where I lose my wing again - 2 sec time penalty. That guy quit out before the end of the race and is the only guy I beat. I obviously don't know for sure but I'm pretty certain that in the 1.08 system I would have had a greater increase overall for the finishes today, even though the losses would have been bigger the larger gains would have out-weighed them.
  7. The waiting for players glitch happened to me again, details posted in the dedicated thread for that stuff ... https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/41886-multiplayer-ranked-race-gets-stuck-on-waiting-for-other-players/ However I am posting here as once again, through no fault of my own I have had to force quit the game which means I lose points for quitting early, this time it was 38 points instead of the 100s I've lost from it before but that's still going to take an up to and hour and a lot of luck to get back. It's getting to the point that I can't deal with the stress of this game anymore, getting the pure gold achievement/trophy is hard and I don't mind that, I want to improve myself and was going to look at learning manual gears to try elevate myself to higher finishing positions ... but now I honestly don't see the point in playing anymore until something worth while is done to fix the system itself. Why is it set to lose points if you drop out by either disconnect or just straight quitting the race? There are zero detrimental effects if someone does this, either have it effect safety rating instead or have it set to lose a flat 10 points or something. Will there be any compensation for the points lost from glitches like the one many have experienced in the other thread? I said 500 across the board for every player that has played a ranked race since launch, costs you almost nothing to do and everyone's rank will level out again anyway but makes people feel better.
  8. Happened to me again, Spain this time - XBOX One, Ranked 5 lap race I have a video spliced together 2 separate clips so the join might look a bit funny. I know its long but you can skip about a minute in the middle when I'm on the grid with no HUD. Also, the person that comes from behind me is Santi Mun3z 87, I'm not sure about the position of any of the other drivers.
  9. I posted a suggestion to change the requirements to Achieve a Gold skill rating OR complete 1000 ranked races as both require dedication and I don't think it would cheapen the achievement for the players that have already gotten it through increasing the skill rating Didn't get much traction though so I don't think people liked the idea
  10. @Hoo @Britpoint You have asked us to keep you updated on the system following the 1.09 update, so, since my last post (above), I played a few more races, 4 in total ... Started at 1347 points (Silver 1) 6 player lobby, finished 2nd ... gained 7 points 12 player lobby, finished 4th ... gained 17 points 14 player lobby, finished 7th ... gained 3 points At this point I was sitting at 1374, an increase of 27 points (terrible for the amount of time put in if you ask me) 12 player lobby, finished 10th ... lost 20 points The 10th place was because of 1st corner incident which turned a car sideways in front of me on the track and no where for me to go, the car was solid when (I believe) it should be ghosted. So I hit it, and I get hit in the back, front wing gone completely and I have a 3 second time penalty. Ideally I would say to just straight up turn off collisions in ranked races, to get a true representation of the skill of the drivers on track, which is what you are aiming for I guess, you can leave the system and everything as it was in 1.08 but remove collision, let people race their own races. I doubt that will ever happen, but at the very least find a way to ghost cars stopped on the track please! I think that this reinforces the original posts point that the loss is still too high compared to the gain, and also my point that as you have altered the system for both losses and gains it has essentially done nothing to alleviate that issue.
  11. I have this same line of thinking and actively avoid smaller lobbies as there is next to no point taking the risk of losing those precious points if you don't come out with a win, or in the top 3 at least. Doing it this way I was up to 1680 at my peak, after a few mistakes on my part, being hit by poor drivers quite a few times, going head long into a car that's in the middle of the track sideways because he hasn't been ghosted yet quite often (losing wing, getting a penalty and ending up at the back even before having to pit) and the multiple game crashes and disconnects (100s of points lost to this) means that I was all the way down to 1190 😲 (version 1.08) I've clawed my way back up to 1347 now but seeing as though the gains are lowered it's taking even longer than before, and coupling this with having to find large lobbies of higher ranks I can search for over an hour before I race anyone at all.
  12. Thanks for the clarification on that. I do understand where you are coming from in your need to take small steps when altering the system. My concern is that at some point development will eventually cease on this game and with how the production process works taking steps that are too small may result in running out out time before being able to implement the system you are wanting to achieve. That said I must, and do, trust that you guys know what you are doing, what you want to achieve and how long it should take to get there. Not sure if you saw the edit I made this morning in my last post but I'm sure you can appreciate that from our perspective in 1.09 achieving 2000 points for gold rating is now more difficult and could take many more races to achieve than before unless you win in large lobbies regularly. Could there be a possibility of altering the rating thresholds to accommodate the new gains and losses that are now in place?
  13. Finishing position relative to grid position does not factor into the points system ... as far as I am aware You don't lose skill rating points from being hit or hitting other people, only your safety rating is effected by the penalties you may get from these things happening. Skill rating points are gained/lost depending on your finishing position in race, you are compared to each of the other racers and the system figures out whether you should lose or gain points and how many on a 1 to 1 basis for each racer in the field. You aren't losing skill points for penalties from corner cutting or collisions
  14. The B rank is your safety rating and has nothing to do with the skill ranking system, its mostly just used for matchmaking from what I have seen. It may have looked like they are the same skill rating (silver 1 or silver 2, etc.) however if you are at 1650 points as silver 2 they might have been at 1450 but still show as silver 2
  15. Hi Luke, thankyou for the response. I'm sure you have seen the lobby sizes currently, I'm not sure on Playstation, but on Xbox at peak European time .. say Saturday afternoon .. I have seen, at most, 200 people searching in ranked lobbies but the majority of the time it is lower than 100. Of those, from what I have seen across the safety ratings, I have been from S down to C, the majority of players are in safety rating C. To gain any decent points it seems like the system is set up to need big lobbies. Coming fourth in a lobby of 12 people around your skill rating gains more points than winning in a lobby of four people rated higher than you - and if you don't win you will lose points even though they are rated higher. To this end it means that you need to really be in a lower safety rating to have a chance at good points gain, which then means you have a larger chance of "anomalous results". Even though you may not lose as many points due to these types of results, because of the decrease in points gained it can still wipe out all the gains made from the previous 10 normal races ... gaining 10 points in 1.08 is the same as gaining 5 points in 1.09 if the anomalous result means you lose 50 points in 1.08 but only 25 points in 1.09. I'm hoping you see where I'm coming from, it's less but it's still the same. EDIT: If this is what you were going for then that's fine but if you are lowing the point gained and lost then I would think i makes sense to lower the amount of points need to reach the different ratings levels. Gold shouldn't be 2000 points in the new system I know you probably won't answer this for a number of internal reasons and reasons of if you did there would be no end to people asking about it but I'll try anyway but feel no obligation to respond as I don't expect you too: Are any of the suggestions posted in the OP of this thread topics of discussion at CM HQ as possible avenues to explore? Lastly, and slightly of topic of the reply to your post, I have asked in the thread previously but will ask you directly if that is OK ... you must realise that the longevity of these yearly releases is limited, the multiplayer especially. As I say there is, at max 200ish people online (on Xbox) searching for ranked races and there is pretty much no point in racing in a lobby of 5 people, any gains will be tiny and losses are a lot more likely, and from what I have seen in a two person lobby the winner might not gain even a single point where as the loser will probably drop a few or more. So how do you see this being a viable system in the future? In a years time when the new game is out will anyone be able to rank up at all in F1 2019?