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  1. To have more fun with the real rallye approach with a navigator and a unknown road, it would be great to have autogenerated tracks based on a seed string. Since many games offer such a thing (Minecraft, Anno, No Man Sky, Elite Dangerous for Planets), it should be possible to do for rallying.
  2. Hi PJTierney does it mean DiRT Rallye 2.0 is from the view of codemasters feature complete?
  3. Hi, is it possible to record an own navigator and share him to friends? I mean it should be possible right? It's some known statements the navigator has to say, like five right, and so Would be funny 😄
  4. Hi, i want to write a Discord bot and fetch new times and events or better, get the information pushed to an api. Is there an API for Clubs available? Something to create a decent bot or statistics?
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