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  1. 7 hours ago, Kur Delli said:

    Hi, I'm running DR2 VR via Oculus Rift S with GTX 1660 Ti atm.. medium/high settings with 2xmsaa and ASW forced on.. Graphics are "acceptable", but could be a lot better.. I was thinking of upgrading to a RTX 3080 and a i9-10xxx so that hardware wouldn't be a bottleneck.. Is it really so that you can't turn things up to make it good looking? Have you tried upping the pixel per display pixel override with theOculus debug tool, I thought that could bring some improvements?


    I played around with multisampling and anisotropic filtering and those make a decent difference when maxed, but still for me, the texture qualities vary wildly. Also with super sampling I have tried with default and 1.5X so far. With everything on max I'm left with 0-5% performance headroom. Reducing shadows to medium brought that headroom up to 20-30% with very little visual difference. 

    I use Ribadelles ascent course to test when I'm changing settings, as courses like Monaco seem to not highlight the shortcomings so much. If you go off the road down into the hills slightly (5-10 meters) and drive up to some bushes/brush, you should find that there's a mix of decent quality 3D bushes among low resolution 2D brush right next to the car. I'm not sure if it's not "popping in"/upscaling when you get closer or if it really is designed to be that low res. You will probably notice trees popping in not far from your view as you drive through. It's very noticeable in VR as we're closer to the display and so bad details are just more obvious. 

    Anyway, even with these issues I still thoroughly enjoy Dirt Rally 2.0 in VR. Ideally the developers could take a look and let us know if there is something going wrong or if there's something we can do to improve the graphics through settings. Most of the discussion on VR I've seen has been around getting better performance rather than best quality, but with 3000 series GPUs we are looking for that quality.

    I'll try add pictures tonight to give people an idea of what I'm seeing for comparison.

    For reference my PC is R7 3700X, 32GB 3600MHz, Gigabyte RTX OC 3080.

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  2. Not as good as expected. 


    I've recently upgraded from an RTX 2060 Super to an RTX 3080 graphics card and I'm using an Oculus Rift S.

    The graphics don't look much different in ultra vs. medium-high and I still experience what seems like medium level textures and terrible pop in of objects short distances from the camera view. I also see a kind of pixelated texture/mask on trees and grass. It's all quite jarring and immersion breaking in VR.

    Project Cars 2 seems to fare better in VR from my experience so far. 

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