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  1. I'm not sure why you reference steam, these issues are ps4 only as far as I can tell from these posts. Send out patch 1.19 to everyone then with all the 1.18 changes removed. Ie a relabelled 1.17 patch... I will try the pause trick tonight, I do pause during qualifying from time to time and have been able to go multiple races without this crash happening. Hopefully you're on to something and this will work as a work around.
  2. Where would I find this code? When the error happens I get dumped out of the game. Can you not undo patch 1.18 and go back to 1.17? Basic concept.. If a programming change is causing issues take out the change and go back to what was working until you figure out the problem.
  3. I reset my character and livery to default today. I had about 3 complete races before the error code showed up. Details from my "bug" report remained unchanged otherwise. Adding... The online portion of the game is almost unplayable now. I'll certainly be reconsidering 2021 if this doesn't get fixed quickly.
  4. Since updating the game to v1.18, I can no longer play online 5 lap races. My ps4 would shut down the game after I press advance after the qualy session. Ps4 would show error CE-34878-0 after game has been shut down and send me back to playstation home screen. Please note i have not tried single player game modes to see if same error occurs. PS4 V1.18 Ranked Online Multiplayer 5 laps Yes i have replicated the error 8-9 times. After restarting the game, i again go and join online ranked lobbies. I complete my qualifying session, press advance and the ps4 will shut down the game showing same error code. I do not have this happen everything, but I'm seldom able to string together more than 2 races before getting this error code. I have not attempted any troubleshoots as ps4 sends me back to playstation home screen. I simply restart the game and rejoin an online lobby and the error will happen again after pressing advance at the end of qualifying. I using a fanatec csl elite wheel base with clubs port carbon rim.
  5. I'm getting this too.... Ugh.
  6. TrovaMB

    Beginner League Racing and Pit Assists

    Thank you for the insights.. I get the unfair advantage part, but if available and you don't use it to your advantage I'd say that's your mistake. Besides it would be easy enough for codemasters to make the pit assist have a time penalty. I'm sure I can get the hang of it, it just seemed an odd assist to not allow in the big picture... I play ranked online and just haven't come across it... I'm high bronze / low silver for reference. Thanks again... Such a great forum.
  7. TrovaMB

    PS4 League

    Looking to join a beginners league WITH pit assists allowed... If such a thing exists...
  8. I've been looking to join a beginners league and am curious why pit assist is almost always banned? At least from what I've found so far....
  9. TrovaMB

    Massive engine power increase

    It's a GAME dude... As long as you're having fun who cares how you play? Kinda lost your point between the rants... But glad you found what makes you happy playing this GAME though.
  10. TrovaMB

    Career mode, correcting mistakes

    Thanks for the replies. I've just gotten into the F1 2020 at age 40+ never playing any of these games before. I love it and have built a F1 style chair and gone all in with a fanatec setup. I find it quite challenging and frustrating at the same time... Haha I also have 2 young kids running around leads to lots of distractions. I guess I was hoping there was something I was missing that would help.
  11. TrovaMB

    Career mode, correcting mistakes

    Thanks for the insights, but I know how to switch them and when. It's just frustrating that when I forget and mess up I can't go backwards to fix it. Actually that's a general ***** of this game, you can't go back once you've made choice. For this particular problem I couldn't help qualifying, but turning off Parc Ferme allowed me to switch out the worn components for the race with no penalty.
  12. TrovaMB

    Career mode, correcting mistakes

    Hello, I'm career mode I'll often switch out components to keep my "race engine" fresh. I use the worn engine in practice only as my "practice engine" Every once in awhile I forget to switch out my practice engine for my race engine before I advance to qualifying. I find it utterly frustrating that I can't go back and fix this mistake. Am I missing something, is there a way to go back to the workstation view and correct this mistake? For a game that prides itself on realism its seems pretty dumb as this would never happen in the real F1.