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  1. Nope, I got 5th in Austria bc the AI are inconsistent (I race at 85), but I'm averaging 10-11th?
  2. I wish saying no comment lowered the calibre of rivals... I always get the same few.
  3. I think it's a problem too... Admittedly I switch up the AI level between practice and qualifying / race... But in My Team in races I'm typically around Alpine / Aston Martin. This is roughly where I am with car development too. However when asked my rival I'm getting Mercedes and Red Bull drivers as options. I always say No Comment when asked as there's no way I can beat them in a race so I don't want to loose the acclaim points.
  4. Well based on the fact BarryBL renamed this thread I'm going to assume he's aware... From the posts I can tell hes a decent guy... I just wish we'd get a statement from CD saying they're aware and working on it.
  5. @BarryBL Nothing? Our league race today was a disaster... Codemasters owes their paying customers an answer!
  6. @BarryBL... Clearly you don't play in online Ranked lobbies! 😜 The rest of this game is soooo good. Please invest some time and resources into fixing online.
  7. Online is broken. I'd be happy if Barry or someone from codemasters would at least say "we know, we're working on it". Admitting there's a problem is the first step...
  8. At this point I just be happy if Barry or someone from codemasters said we know, we're working on it.
  9. Playstation is still a disaster too. Screw Braking point **** fix online racing. ESports should be a **** show with this. My league race crashed bc some guy left early... Wiped out the whole race results. A mess. Embarrassing it's still not fixed.
  10. I agree 100%, very annoying.!!! They need to make the yellows more obvious too. I nearly crash trying to see the slight damage I get for a light touch to my front wing. Sometimes the only way I can tell is Jeff tells me an alternative pit strategy is available. Considering the performance hit for even slight damage it should be much more obvious on the mfd.
  11. Are you taking exactly as much fuel as suggested, ie race is 15 laps and only take enough to do 15 laps?
  12. Where do I find my score so I can see how close I am to progressing? Always seemed odd it didn't count up or down the same way your safety rating did between races...
  13. I'm having the same issue on PS4. Even if I spectate to wait until the next race starts I get this error. I basically have to find a lobby in quali or track selection to race.
  14. Thanks for everyones input. Interesting to see the differences in opinion. Overall I definitely like the feeling of this year's cars, I drive with no TC and the cars feel much more solid on the rear end side if things. I'm running 7 on the rear wing and 7 on rear ride height so I think it's more my line. Although I'll check out my replays to see. 95% of the time I'm ok, but that 5‰ I'm not is a race killer. As I said, sounds like it's more my line although I do have the racing line turned on and feel I'm pretty close to it. Of course not always possible when racing. Can
  15. Belgium used to be my favourite track, now I hate it, I cannot reliablely make it through eau rouge without loosing control. If I let up the gas to just make it I've lost too much speed and get passed on the following straight. Am I alone? Is it just my line, wrong setup or are other people having issues? From the amount of people in online races loosing it through this section it would appear I'm not alone. Any tips?
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