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  1. This is a bug with the PS5 F1 2021 version. If you switch PS4 F1 2021 (even if you load it in a PS5 Console) the issue does not exist. There is something currently wrong the G29 and PS F1 2021 when driving in a straight line, the car darts from left to right and is unstable.
  2. Have reverted back to PS4 F1 2021 but using the PS5 Console until this bug is fixed. Its very strange, i have both PS4 F1 2021, and PS5 F1 2021 and there is 100% something not working correctly in the PS5 version with the G29 and driving in a straight line.
  3. Absolutely shattered about this bug, picked up my PS5 and F2021 today, cant drive it with a G29 the force feedback is a disaster in a straight line. The car/wheel is very wobbly down the straight, and on turn in. Spent 1 hour making changes to Feedback settings, calibration settings to try and improve it, which helped but still not right. Ended up, putting the PS4 F1 2021 version disk in the PS5, and its perfect. No issues with G29. Bug: PS5 F1 2021 with G29. Wheel is unstable when centered, car darts left and right instead of driving straight. Tried almost all tracks, same
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