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    Dirt Rally 2.0 is amazing

    I really love racing games. I prefer the ones that go for more realism feel than arcadey ones so I find games like Forza 7 to be my perfect medium. I hopped into Forza 7 for a couple days but there was something I was really missing. I remember growing up and going to my buds house to play Dirt 3. We’d do time trials and try to beat others times. I went on Steam to look for the Dirt games and noticed that they were doing a sale. I saw that Dirt Rally 2.0 was on sale so i figured why not and give it a try. I’m not too into racing online so I boot up a time trial race on the Australia course. I was not ready at first. I was crashing on almost every corner but after a few hours I was starting to get the hang of the game. I could see why people call it the dark souls of racing. jiofi.local.html http://router-network.onl The control and feel of the cars is just superb. Once you start to understand how the car your driving handles and how to interpret the co drivers messages this game really is like no other. There’s a snow course and even just doing time trials on it and hitting your corners seamlessly feels so good. On some courses there’s some straightaways with huge bumps that you’re supposed to go flat out through. It really gets your adrenaline pumping. All in all I can say Dirt Rally 2.0 is a must buy if you love racing games that cater more to realism than arcadey physics/gameplay. Now it’s got me on the fence of getting a racing wheel and I’m sure if I tried it out with my Oculus that I’d have an even more amazing experience.