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  1. Thank you. Love the addition of engines (via TrueForce) and the fact that RWD cars drive fine for me now as well as general force feedback being better somehow. Maybe RWD handbrake is still more reactive than I'm used to elsewhere, but less common to use on my favorite tracks anyway (e.g. Finland) and haven't spent too much time trying it out. In fact all cars drive better now, but I also discovered the real issue was when you had run some other racing game prior to DR2 ... and now that doesn't seem to affect DR2 anymore. However, I still miss "tire slip" from DR1, don't feel that an
  2. I didn't really drive Dirt Rally 2, prior to the 1.17 release ... so putting this here for now. Does Force Feedback suck for everyone in DR 2 vs DR 1 or is it just my Logitech G923 (PC/PS4) + 1.17? It's like there is no "HD" feeling it's just a muddled feeling. No gravel feeling on straights or corner slip (e.g. Finland), no feeling of coble stones (e.g. Germany), no feeling of sideways travel on tarmac (e.g. Germany/Spain). Winter roads in Monaco/Sweden is just bad all around. No tire slip setting at all. This "HD" feeling is great on Dirt Rally 1 where oddly enough PS4 is a bit better
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