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  1. Platform: PC Version: latest (1.16) Game mode: Multiplayer - Weekly event Lead up to issue: I tried to join the Dutch GP weekly event, and three times I got a failing to join the session error. First time was on Saturday. 2 other errors on Sunday morning and afternoon, and manager at the fourth attempt. Th only thing I did was leaving the game open to do a « consecutive » try after 1 hour (don’t know if it helped) Error code: KMR4 report code: KPSG-BJDE-HEEK-EPMG network : Ethernet , ADSL (15 mbps down / 1mbps up)
  2. Same problem here twice this week 😞 error KMR4 . Worked last week … did not get any chance to do the weekly event race so far, it is really annoying !
  3. I am using cockpit view, but no headphones most of the time since I have difficulties to keep them for a long period, so yes it is some "one more thing" for me 🙂 .
  4. Ok So I have tested fanatec recommended settings in compatibility mode and everything is ok. The feeling is really great (coming from a CSL Elite Wheel Base +), it is so smooth. The force is also more important (boost kit 8nm), but what impressed me so far is the ability to better "feel" the car on the road (especially in rain) and thus to avoid spin / lost of control. Kerbs are more natural also in my opinion, and the fact that it is completely silent also improve the overall feeling in my opinion. CSL Elite was good, but this CSL DD is really great 🙂 No more excuse , I must
  5. Hi, did you try fanatec recommended settings ? They also encourage using compatibility mode . Assuming you are on PC : https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/843/f1-2019-2020-2021-pc-fanatec-recommended-settings#latest Should receive mine today, will see (Formula wheel V2 too, and CLS elite pedals with load cell kit with it).
  6. Hi, same thing for me on pc this morning . Did the event once, failed (but had some points). Did it a second time switching from 65 to 60 in difficulties, passes, but 0 points ! steam Id : 76561197970249754 (nicoduj)
  7. I leave in France, near Le Havre 🙂 But was more thinking of a paypal account / koffee account in fact ! It comes back to default at each launch on my PC. Is there a file I can check for permission issues ?
  8. Hi, First of all, great App, thanks ! Any way to buy you a coffee 🙂 ? I have a question also, is there any way to save the listening port / address to avoid modifying it at each launch ? (I use simhub on pc and redirect udp traffic to another port, default one is used by simhub. could do the opposite off course, so it is not so important).
  9. Hi, I got 3 times error code NM14 for this weekly event (last one for the last session). Managed to get into a race only 1 time (but was put in the wall by some dirty player ..) Not a great experience this week ! I know I have only an ADSL connexion (wired or the PC), but it is very frustrating ... No problem joining ranked lobbies ....
  10. Hi, thank you for your answer and sorry for the bad report. I checked and the option was set to off. I did not disabled it (Played the day before, was ok, did the update, and was not) . I don't know why it resets to off, I did not remembered the option at all, but glad it is only this ! Nevertheless, thank you very much, and keep on the good work on this game ! Can't wait for new things in 2021 edition !
  11. Hi, since this patch, on PC (steam), I don't have dial and mfd in cockpit view anymore that was introduced and welcomed in patch 1.09 in last September. If I try to customize in this view, the HUD it is displayed, green, but it is not displayed while playing. It is there in other views (like TV Pod) .
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