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  1. Hi, I got 3 times error code NM14 for this weekly event (last one for the last session). Managed to get into a race only 1 time (but was put in the wall by some dirty player ..) Not a great experience this week ! I know I have only an ADSL connexion (wired or the PC), but it is very frustrating ... No problem joining ranked lobbies ....
  2. Hi, thank you for your answer and sorry for the bad report. I checked and the option was set to off. I did not disabled it (Played the day before, was ok, did the update, and was not) . I don't know why it resets to off, I did not remembered the option at all, but glad it is only this ! Nevertheless, thank you very much, and keep on the good work on this game ! Can't wait for new things in 2021 edition !
  3. Hi, since this patch, on PC (steam), I don't have dial and mfd in cockpit view anymore that was introduced and welcomed in patch 1.09 in last September. If I try to customize in this view, the HUD it is displayed, green, but it is not displayed while playing. It is there in other views (like TV Pod) .