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  1. Ah. I got a flat in the first section of the first stage. This was my first effort in DR club and was most disappointed. I also didn’t seem to have a spare, not sure if that is the default (unlike career). I did the first 2 stages but retired as I’d had enough of the slowish driving and was many minutes down already. Do people know the stages well who do well in the rally’s? I’m newish to the game so don’t remember stages well and have a habit of going too fast and being so inconsistent. On the few stages I know well from time trial I’m not too bad (Now up to 143 - 3”16’2
  2. I think it might be the button prompts being turned off. IIRC I’m sure that happened to me when I turned it off.
  3. The benefit with the alt tab approach is it gives you a bump stop (ie makes it really hard to turn the wheel) so you know exactly when you’ve reached the limit. With saturation I found it just ignores any input beyond your set limit rather than stopping you.
  4. I love this game too. I was a late comer having just got back into gaming in Nov last year (kids now grown up enough I’ve got more spare time). Having read @PJTierney series on moving from pad to wheel I got myself a G923 in Black Friday sales. I also took his Australia Time trial stage as a gauge. Last week I finally got a sub 3’20” run in and now sit 217th on the leaderboard (3’18”342 in a fiesta R5). im just working through the CM scenarios on lvl 91 but it’s getting tough on 3rd group and needing a good few hours on each challenge. This game has certainly helped my l
  5. For me it doesn’t pick up the GHub settings when I start DR. I have to alt tab out of DR (sometimes a couple of times) before it will pick those settings up. This was the same before the recent DR or GHub updates. I do that and once DR has the settings (you can tell because the rotation stops are now there when turning the wheel on the DR menu screen) I then alt tab again and close GHub from the sys tray. Once that’s done everything works fine.
  6. Yes. I posted later on from that one with some steps I followed. Basically shutdown GHub whilst DR is running. That got it working back to how it was (ie no rev lights but FFB was fine).
  7. There is already a topic on G923 and potentially the Logitech software which might also affect the g29. Take a look because there is a workaround there that might help.
  8. If you are on PC look at my post on page 1. Basically start DR then stop GHub.
  9. Yeah I’ve got the Xbox version of the g923 (but using on pc)
  10. It works to a point. FFB is enabled all the while but doesn’t quite feel the same (hard to describe how). Maybe related to a couple of points: 1: I used GHub to set wheel operating range to 360deg and sensitivity and centre spring strength to 40. 2: There was a previous bug whereby when opening DR2 it didn’t pick up those wheel settings at game start up until I did an alt tab (I’m on pc) out of the game and back again. It also seems alt tab functionality has changed since the update as I can no long tab to another thing (it flashes black screen but always goes straight back to DR -
  11. Ha ha. A techie like me. The rev lights also stop working properly at the same time as FFB. Having spent another 10 mins playing both the lights and FFB periodically kick in but sometimes only for a few seconds. This causes the car to be thrown off track as the human force to combat FFB just does massive oversteer as the FFB stops suddenly.
  12. It broke for my G923 too. I first went to do a time trial (I’d earlier watched a Jon Armstrong video of Rosebank Farm in Scotland and wanted to see how far off I was on pace) and it felt different than normal as well as the Rev lights on the wheel now lit up, 2 corners in and FFB all disappeared to nothing. The game is now unplayable and I’m gutted as I love this game (admittedly a later comer so still working through CM flat out scenarios on lvl91).
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