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  1. Encarnia

    F1 2020 - Things to make the game better

    - I would prefer to have a full GP2 season in career mode before starting the F1 career. That would be better then this current system. Having F3 added would also be great (I would prefer F3 to GP3). - I would also prefer historic F1 tracks to return. I felt in F1 2013 that the historic tracks have much more replay value than the historic cars (Imola in particular). Also older versions of current racetracks would be great. Early 2000's Silverstone, Spa with the 90's bus-stop chicane, Monza with the 90's double chicane as the first corners, old Hockenheim, etc. Having Nurburgring with the old Nordschleife would be awesome to have as well for time trial!! - Since F1 have opened the door on driver transfers, who not open the door to having your own team in career mode? That would add a lot to the development programm I think!! - Expand the interviews. If I've 'scraped the wall' according to the press person, allow me to say I made some mistakes, instead of blaming the team, or car. Change the setting as well, qualy and race top 3 finished could lead to start/finish interview instead of only the weigh bridge we currently get. Not a priority, but would be nice. - More cutscenes with other drivers ****** off if we've touched on track would also add to the immersion of the game. But this is not a priority.
  2. Encarnia

    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

    Getting to play F2 full season in career mode. Not just these short scenario mode items with cutscenes.
  3. Encarnia

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    I'm on the fence on this one. I play career 9 out of 10 times playing the game. But the advancement of next-gen capabilities are hard to ignore completely. So I'll probably get it in the discount bin for 75% off. I find it a wierd decision for CM to not include career, especially with both 2014 and 2015 in the game. It would have been awesome to start in 2014 and actually continue to 2015. Plus I really like the challenge of starting with a smaller teams and trying to attract the attention of the bigger teams. The new game modes like "Pro season" is simply a single championship with 1 camera and no assists, we had this option in every iteration so far. Only thing new is that it's a separate game-mode now with the options taken out. Which some would take as a step for CM to be more Sim, but I simply see as CM cutting cornings. Making a new game mode with the minimum effort possible. I have played every iteration so far of CM's F1 games, but I am really starting to hope they loose the license after next year. They clearly lack vision and direction for this game. As someone mentioned before, if they had simply stuck with 2010 and improved it each year, we would have a killer game right now. Instead each year we loose options and modes, and the new modes are simply more scenario's on stuff we already had.
  4. Where is it confirmed there is no career mode this year? I mean there's no mention of it in the initial announcement, but that doesn't mean it's not there. They could simply leave that out until a later announcement. Career mode is a pretty core feature of any racing game, becoming the driver. So would be wierd to leave it out. It would certainly eliminate my interest in the game.
  5. Since F1 2015 game will feature all 2014 cars / drivers / tracks. Just wondering if you can actually start career in 2014 season, and have 2015 seasons as the second season in career? It would certainly be a great feature in my opinion. Can anyone from CM comment on this?
  6. Easy answer, never. CM is working on 2015, and all previous iterations are long since forgotten.
  7. Main challenge is not over complicating something like that. Circuits with long straits it's not a problem to use D-Pad multiple times to scroll through options, but on Monaco you barely have the time to shift the focus to D-Pad. So 2 sub-menu's is probably the maximum.
  8. True, but if you have qualy on a drying track you are able to do better then you normally would in the dry. Your qualy target for the next race is then immediately sharpened. Meaning that if it's dry that next weekend qualy session, you won't make the target. So imho the target should only be sharpened if you can beat the previous target consistently (let's say 3 out of 4 races in a row).
  9. Actually I haven't encountered that in F1 2014. So unless you have, I assumed the issue was fixed (finally in the 2014 iteration).
  10. Since F1 2010 I have played every installment of the yearly release. And though every installment has had improvement, there were also some bugs that have never been solved since F1 2010. Also some implemented features never quite worked the way the community would have liked. This tread is created to notify CM of this, in the hopes they can specifically test for these in F1 2015. If anyone knows of more issues that have plagued every release then feel free to post them. And I'll update the main post with the added issues. Lapping AI doesn't work as it should. Instead of slowing down on the straits, and powering through the corners, they slow midcorner. Making it cost a lot of laptime to pass them. This not only applies to the race, but also to Qualifying with AI on their In-lap or Out-lap. AI speed while advancing time in sessions doesn't work as it should. In dry weather, while advancing time the AI are 1,5 seconds slower then they would have been if you were out on track with them. In wet weather, the AI is 5 or 6 seconds a lap faster then conditions allow you to drive. This also applies to skipping to the end of the session. Impact of this issue is that you either can't advance time or AI not giving the challenge they should give. Making it much less rewarding to do good in career (especially with the smaller teams). Penalty area's on track aren't set the way they are supposed too. In real life you are allowed to drive off track, as long as 2 wheels stay on track. This should mean ingame that all area's that would give you a warning/penalty or disallow your laptime in practice/qualy should follow that same rule. Instead some corners can be fully cut, while others you get a penalty for just putting the outside wheels on a curbstone. AI speed is set with difficulty levels. The problem is that these difficulty levels are set with huge gaps between levels, often making 1 difficulty level to easy, and the next difficulty level to hard. This would be easily solved with using percentage system. Where AI Speed and Aggression are set on percentage scale. Gamers can then finetune the AI level to fit their preference perfectly, making the game much more rewarding. AI consistancy accross tracks and corners. The AI speed varies to great accross tracks. In some tracks you are a second a lap faster then the AI, in other tracks a second a lap slower. Even in corners the AI consistency to the pace you are able to run varies. I have seen corners where I can close up full second to the AI, and corners where the AI disappears into the distance. In order to make the difficulty levels more relevant, this needs to be sorted. Of course some tracks / corner suit a player more then others, but the gap shouldn't be that big. AI not equally affected by tyre wear, fuel level and weather. By all appearances the AI doesn't seem to be equally affected by tyre wear, fuel level and weather. I've seen plenty of occasions where I'm no longer able to run top pace, but AI on older tyres is still doing personal bests. I've also seen plenty of occasions where I struggle for grip on Intermediates, where AI is happily running on slicks. This needs to be balanced. Career goals based on unrealistic targets. The AI speed of the teams makes career goals unrealistic. It's dead easy to win in a top team, but incredibly difficult to even beat your team mate in a Marussia / Caterham (on highest difficulty level). The career targets should never be set compared to the leaders, it should be set based on your teammate. If you have a good lap you should be about 3 to 6 tenths faster then your team mate, no more then that (depending on who the teammate is. Ericsson could be a second, Alonso 2 tenths). Where you end up on the grid with that depends on the car performance. With Marussia doing that means only fighting with your team mate and the Caterham, with Mercedes it means only having your teammate as a challenge. It may not be fun to not battle above your team potential, but it is the only way you really get satisfaction of landing that deal with a higher team in career mode (and the sense of what F1 is really about to a racing driver). Career goals should be the same all season, and not change unless you consistently do a lot better. One crazy result based on heavy rain, crashes, safety cars shouldn't mean you suddenly have a lot higher target for the next race, which you'll never reach in the dry. Damage model not working as it should. When a car crashes (AI) then the car is always able to drive on, or quickly disappears. Meaning that safety car / red flag is almost never seen. In order to get a better experience of that it is to be an F1 driver, the damage model needs to be more sensitive. Right now in Monaco I can easily hit the wall with my front wing without it damaging, while in real life a good portion of my endplate would be gone. Also ingame when the endplate is knocked off, there is no loss of downforce, no loss of lap time. Having a more realistic damage model forces players to be more carefull. Cars should never simply disappear from track. There needs to be some animatic of a crane or marshall pushing it away (in realistic time). If the car is in a dangerous place there needs to be a safety car (they are much more easily deployed in real life now). If cars are blocking the track, like in Monaco there needs to be a red flag). Engineer doesn't give information when needed The engineer rarely comments on anything relevant to that moment in the race. Wheather about strategy, gaps to other drivers, or weather. Some things have been prohibited last year to say on a radio, but there's still plenty information that the engineer can keep you updated on or even better, you as player can request certain information. In Grid Autosport you have the D-Pad to request information. Why not do that for F1. Sure there are only 4 options on the D-Pad, but you can easily make an extra sub menu. So main menu could be: Engineer, Strategy, Settings. If you select Engineer could can then see categories of information (like: weather, rivals, pitstops, car status). And if you select that then you get the actual information option: for example for car status: damage, fuel consumption, tyre degradation). Of course this is an example. I'm sure CM can finetune that. I'm sure with more time I can think of more stuff, but this is plenty to get this tread started.
  11. CM's have always indicated that more options mean more test scenario's during beta stage and more chances for bugs. Therefor they can't simply make everything an option. And being someone who is involved in software developent and testing, I can certainly get that. For us as gamers the more options the better, realistic fuel consumption, tyre degradation, safety car likelyhood, manuel pitlane controll, formation lap, reconnaissance lap, cooldown lap, etc you'd all want to configure per player in offline gameplay. This also enables players to get rid of parts of the game they don't like (You don't want to watch fuel consumption in a race, then turn it off, etc). Personally I hope F1 2015 will blow us away in this regard, but after the disappointment of 2013 and 2014 (on top of the bugs that have been in every installment of the game) I have to admit to being pessimistic.
  12. Encarnia

    F1 2015 Fuel

    I think the graph show in those images is useless for gameplay. As it doesn't show the target fuel at this stage of the race. For gameplay you would need the following information for your own car: - Current fuel use on this lap (all sessions) - Avg fuel use per lap            In practice: per run (so you can test setup change and driving style change impact on fuel use).           In Qualy: not needed, as it's always maximum allowed).           In race: Over all laps driven. - Target fuel consumption (to finish race. Update based on fuel left. So you can run engine leaner or richer depending on fuel levels compared to target) - Total fuel used (race) Also to be taken into account is the input controller used by the player. With a steering wheel / pedals it's much easier to save fuel in the driving style then with a pad and especially keyboard. As you can be much more precise with a wheel/pedals in your steering and acceleration / braking. With all controllers you can release the throttle early and coast to save fuel before braking, but accelerating smoother or braking with less force is more difficult with pad and impossible with keys (so for single player that should be taken into account, for multiplayer I don't mind people with pad or keys being at a disadvantage) Before the simracers here burn me to the stake, yes I know pad and especially keys are not realistic. But fact is there are people who use them and the game supports them, so CM should at least make sure there is proper support for them. Also to me, all input controllers are valid ways to play a game, as long as you enjoy the game there is no right or wrong way to play (though online all input controllers should be equalised, so there's no disadvantage).
  13. Encarnia

    F1 2015 Team tier system?

    Even though it´s nice in F1 2014 to challenge for the title in a Ferrari, but I´d prefer the real championship order replicated in career and single races for F1 2015. For the second season in career it could be closer together, but first season Mercedes should be 1 and 2 with a huge gap, just as Manor should be dead last. It´s hard to tell an exact tier level yet though, as for example Toro Rosso seemed quite able to compete with Sauber, but because of the bad pitstops and Verstappen´s retirement, Sauber looked better in the final results. I'd also have to assume once Honda gets to grips with their engine that McLaren won't be in the same tier as Manor. In Melbourne it was suggested Honda engine were tuned down in order to put less strain on the engines. So their real pace is yet unknown. Temporary suggestion based on the first weekend (taking into account retirements and other misfortunes): 1: Mercedes 2: Williams, Ferrari 3: Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Sauber 4: Lotus, Force India, McLaren 5: Manor Lotus and Red Bull are the most difficult ones to place, in both cases you could argue they need to go up one tier. We'll need more races to see where they are. Once F1 is back in Europe we should be able to see a more clear direction for a tier system. Of course it would be even better to have no tier system, but more accurately replicate the car / driver performances. Meaning that top speed / corner ability / tyre degradation / fuel management / downforce / etc is defined per car and that determines the eventual performance, rather then tiers. Career goals also need to be managed off this. In a Manor the only goal can be to beat your team mate. Makes no sense to try and beat the others as the car simply isn't good enough.
  14. I loved the F1CE way of doing it. Although back then there wasn't a ban on testing in-season. So it made more sense to have test-driver role then it does right now. Would be cool though to be a test driver to start out with, making the choice between a race contract with tail-enders, or a test driver (doing a bunch of FP1 tests) for a high ranked team. Personally I prefer to have the option of choosing whatever team I want. Most of the time I want a low ranked team as I want to work my way up. But in real life there are examples of drivers making their debuts for top teams (Hamilton, Magnussen (Kevin, not Jan), Grosjean). So occasionally I would like to restart the career with a top team instead of going through the same stuff again with a low ranked team. Perhaps CM can make it so that initially career only allows low ranked teams, but once you've worked your way up and won the championship, all teams are unlocked for you to restart your career at.
  15. If you want realism, why want a cinematic pitstop or press a button for a faster stop? I sure don't see Hamilton climbing out of his cockpit to view the pitcrew around the car or press a magical button to have a 2 second pitstop. Imho during the pitstop you should always stay in the same camera POV as the one you use for driving on track so you don't break immersion. Also the only thing a driver can do to improve the time of a pitstop is hitting his marks. So if you want realism, why not start with full manual control in the pitlane and engaging the pitlimiter yourself. Anyway, Just adding my few cents. On a sidenote, what marbles? A few years ago marbles were really bad, but last year there were barely any marbles on track (in real life). And they certainly aren't visible in great detail while driving.