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  1. I'm on the fence on this one. I play career 9 out of 10 times playing the game. But the advancement of next-gen capabilities are hard to ignore completely. So I'll probably get it in the discount bin for 75% off. I find it a wierd decision for CM to not include career, especially with both 2014 and 2015 in the game. It would have been awesome to start in 2014 and actually continue to 2015. Plus I really like the challenge of starting with a smaller teams and trying to attract the attention of the bigger teams. The new game modes like "Pro season" is simply a single championship with 1 camera a
  2. Where is it confirmed there is no career mode this year? I mean there's no mention of it in the initial announcement, but that doesn't mean it's not there. They could simply leave that out until a later announcement. Career mode is a pretty core feature of any racing game, becoming the driver. So would be wierd to leave it out. It would certainly eliminate my interest in the game.
  3. Since F1 2015 game will feature all 2014 cars / drivers / tracks. Just wondering if you can actually start career in 2014 season, and have 2015 seasons as the second season in career? It would certainly be a great feature in my opinion. Can anyone from CM comment on this?
  4. Easy answer, never. CM is working on 2015, and all previous iterations are long since forgotten.
  5. Main challenge is not over complicating something like that. Circuits with long straits it's not a problem to use D-Pad multiple times to scroll through options, but on Monaco you barely have the time to shift the focus to D-Pad. So 2 sub-menu's is probably the maximum.
  6. True, but if you have qualy on a drying track you are able to do better then you normally would in the dry. Your qualy target for the next race is then immediately sharpened. Meaning that if it's dry that next weekend qualy session, you won't make the target. So imho the target should only be sharpened if you can beat the previous target consistently (let's say 3 out of 4 races in a row).
  7. Actually I haven't encountered that in F1 2014. So unless you have, I assumed the issue was fixed (finally in the 2014 iteration).
  8. Since F1 2010 I have played every installment of the yearly release. And though every installment has had improvement, there were also some bugs that have never been solved since F1 2010. Also some implemented features never quite worked the way the community would have liked. This tread is created to notify CM of this, in the hopes they can specifically test for these in F1 2015. If anyone knows of more issues that have plagued every release then feel free to post them. And I'll update the main post with the added issues. Lapping AI doesn't work as it should. Instead of slowing dow
  9. CM's have always indicated that more options mean more test scenario's during beta stage and more chances for bugs. Therefor they can't simply make everything an option. And being someone who is involved in software developent and testing, I can certainly get that. For us as gamers the more options the better, realistic fuel consumption, tyre degradation, safety car likelyhood, manuel pitlane controll, formation lap, reconnaissance lap, cooldown lap, etc you'd all want to configure per player in offline gameplay. This also enables players to get rid of parts of the game they don't like (Y
  10. I think the graph show in those images is useless for gameplay. As it doesn't show the target fuel at this stage of the race. For gameplay you would need the following information for your own car: - Current fuel use on this lap (all sessions) - Avg fuel use per lap            In practice: per run (so you can test setup change and driving style change impact on fuel use).           In Qualy: not needed, as it's always maximum allowed).         &n
  11. Even though it´s nice in F1 2014 to challenge for the title in a Ferrari, but I´d prefer the real championship order replicated in career and single races for F1 2015. For the second season in career it could be closer together, but first season Mercedes should be 1 and 2 with a huge gap, just as Manor should be dead last. It´s hard to tell an exact tier level yet though, as for example Toro Rosso seemed quite able to compete with Sauber, but because of the bad pitstops and Verstappen´s retirement, Sauber looked better in the final results. I'd also have to assume once Honda gets to
  12. I loved the F1CE way of doing it. Although back then there wasn't a ban on testing in-season. So it made more sense to have test-driver role then it does right now. Would be cool though to be a test driver to start out with, making the choice between a race contract with tail-enders, or a test driver (doing a bunch of FP1 tests) for a high ranked team. Personally I prefer to have the option of choosing whatever team I want. Most of the time I want a low ranked team as I want to work my way up. But in real life there are examples of drivers making their debuts for top teams (Hamilton, Magnussen
  13. If you want realism, why want a cinematic pitstop or press a button for a faster stop? I sure don't see Hamilton climbing out of his cockpit to view the pitcrew around the car or press a magical button to have a 2 second pitstop. Imho during the pitstop you should always stay in the same camera POV as the one you use for driving on track so you don't break immersion. Also the only thing a driver can do to improve the time of a pitstop is hitting his marks. So if you want realism, why not start with full manual control in the pitlane and engaging the pitlimiter yourself. Anyway, Just addin
  14. Don't forget a lot of people don't play online due to their internet speed, personal preference for offline gameplay (career mainly) or due to the rammers you frequently encounter (a league is an option, but I personally don't have the time). For me personally, F1 2013 and 2014 are a failure. Even though 2013 features classic content, the tyre degradation is really bad for me. even in a 25% race distance I need to stop 2 laps earlier then AI. Meaning I usually need an extra stop or need to drive both stints with my tyres going off the cliff in the last 2 laps. And that is with a car
  15. OMG, I think I just wet myself, I was laughing so hard. Especially with the F1 race stars comment. Bloody brilliant video, to bad it's true...
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