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  1. I dislike the driver transfers as well. Why are there 2 fictional F2 guys on the grid instead of the actual drivers I want to race, if I had known that I would have skipped the F2 intro to career. How realistic is it that 2 newbee F2 drivers would beat Hamilton and Verstappen? Also seeing Vettel in a Mercedes or Raikkonen in a Williams just creeps me out. I want to race the grid as it is in 2019. On top of that mid season transfers are very unrealistic in modern F1 unless a driver is performing really badly or his sponsers pull out. So I would welcome the option to select if driver transfer are on/off curing career mode.
  2. Encarnia

    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

    Getting to play F2 full season in career mode. Not just these short scenario mode items with cutscenes.
  3. I just played the game for the first time and I was so freaking disappointed. Why have F2 in career mode if you cannot do the complete F2 season to lead up to the F1 season?? These scenario modes and cutscenes feel forced and don't lead to a proper introduction of the series in my opinion. You get chucked strait into the F2 cockpit during a race without a single lap of practice to get used to the car or learn the braking points. What the hell… Which team I choose for F2 apparantly doesn't even matter... Is it really so much to ask from CM to simply be able to do a full F2 season where I earn reputation same as in F1. And that leads to the contract offers and such... I get that not everyone is interested in a full F2 season before getting to F1. But in a career mode I at least expect the option of doing actual full season of F2 before getting to F1.
  4. Encarnia

    F2 option for career mode...

    You can do a full F2 championship from what I saw. But that is separate from career mode.