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  1. Thanks, stopping GHub did the trick. Everything back to normal. BTW I'm also on the XBox version of the g923 (using it on PC). I guess I can consider this just another addition to the endless troubles I had with GHub before. Great Hardware, but their software...
  2. Hi there, after the V1.17 Patch, the force feedback on my logitech G923 is simply broken. It feels completely weird for a few hundred metres into the stage, then completely disappears. I know of several other users who have the same issue after the latest patch (also on other logitech wheels like the G29). It's nice that you got the rev lights on the wheel to work (I think they didn't work before the patch), but I would very much prefer to have working FFB again instead. A quick fix for this would be very much appreciated because I love this game! Or otherwise, is there a way to reve
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