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  1. Wait wait wait. Hold up. You're telling me a guy whipped up a patched dinput8.dll that entirely solves this issue? The issue that's been plaguing DiRT games for years and years? The issue that a multi million dollar company with 500 employees, releasing triple A titles and makers of the official F1 game hasn't been able to solve in what, half a decade? It works. Stuttering is gone. While the guy behind this obviously is an absolute legend, I can't believe Codemasters are actually that incompetent. It's impossible. To me it doesn't look like the debugging he has done is that advanced. Looks to me the only answer is Codemasters never gave a damn. Some social media manager writes a few lines on the forum every now and then, much cheaper than actually debugging and fixing the issue I guess? While the development team is busy creating more DLC's to bring in more money instead of fixing a basic and fundamental part of the game. I'm absolutely speechless. Thank you for posting this, even if it's crazy that it's needed in the first place. If I understand correctly, the game engine is (for no reason) polling for input device changes every two seconds causing this stuttering. How has this been overlooked? Seems like the guy even suggests what Codemasters should change to fix this. Codemasters, fire some of your social media people and hire this guy instead. Please. Have some pride in what you do. This is absolutely embarrassing.
  2. Yes, it is indeed related to USB input as you've discovered with the rest of us. This was present in the first game too, all the way from early access to present day. It was never fixed. Codemasters are once again saying they're looking into it but don't hold your breath. I followed this issue with the first game closely and Codemasters basically went quiet after a while. I firmly believe they are unable to fix it and just stalling for time to prevent as many refunds of 2.0 as possible. I refunded 2.0 immediately when I found the same problem was carried over to 2.0 and I recommend everyone affected by this to do the same, if they still can. I find it very unlikely that this will ever be fixed. It's infuriating that we all have to troubleshoot and spend time on this when Codemasters have been aware of the problem for ages. They're charging AAA money for a game with an engine they know can't even handle USB-input properly and not informing customers about this. It's unacceptable.
  3. This bug was present in the first game as well, from early access to present day. Codemasters never fixed it and I find it very unlikely it will ever be fixed in 2.0. Yes, you can sometimes temporarily fix it by disabling USB-hardware and stuff but it's never permanent and very inconsistent. Something with the way the game engine handles USB-devices is severely broken and has been for a long time, it's present in older DiRT games as well. There really should be a big fat warning when you purchase this game, because if you are affected by this problem you are basically screwed and will never be able to enjoy the game with your wheel. I backed 1.0 in early access and waited patiently for a fix to this, it never happened. I immediately refunded 2.0 when I found the problem is still there. Codemasters once again says they will look into it, but they said the same thing for 1.0 and then went quiet. They are most likely not able to fix it, or don't care because it doesn't affect enough customers.