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  1. that is def not true, mine and many others logitech wheels has been working perfectly fine before and after this and last update. the problem referred to in this thread was affecting the xbox version of the g923 ... you would know this, if you had read the thread.
  2. sounds like a broken wheel to me, also fyi this thread is about the g923 and trueforce
  3. works just fine for me first time i start dr2 after a restart, next time i start dr2 the rev lights stops lighting up but everything else still works fine ... same isssu where the rev lights does not match ingame cars revlights or shift light tho. however, not sure how i feel about trueforce, its nice to feel the engine rev, but it does seems a bit meh. personally i turned engine to about 50 (might turn it down further) and the other 2 to 0 cause i felt it somewhat blended into or distorted other ffb.
  4. if you read as much as you write, maybe you would get it?
  5. no ... thats not whats happening. its not randomly lighting up, its following the rpms of the cars. i know its already "activated" as you put it, its running in the sys tray ... duh. but if i open ghub the rpm leds will stop working. can you pls read before you post. im not one of the guys that has "problems" as such with the wheel and tbh i dont really care about the leds, i just want them to show shift light correct if they do light up or not light up at all.
  6. it seems if my computer is freshly restarted and i have not actually "opened" ghub yet (alltho running in sys tray), the rpm leds will light up if i start dr2, if i open ghub before starting the game, the leds will stop working untill next restart (i suppose disconnecting it would do the same). not sure if this is a codemasters or logitech problem, but it seems logitechs way if solving it is to disable customer support for the wheel.
  7. wierd thing happend again today, not sure why (im guessing another logitech update?) but now the leds are lighting up again on my g923 ... same problem tho, the lights are not synced with ingame shift light, wich is really annoying.
  8. it seems this is only affecting the xbox version of the g923, i have the playstation version and it seems to work fine on pc. not sure what happend between now and the update tho, but when it was first pushed the rpm light lit up for the first time i started driving, however now they dont anymore. this could also be cause by the logitech update to ghub tho.
  9. im not exactly sure what happend within the last few days (i suspect it might have been the ghub update), but for some reason the rev lights has now stopped working again. not that i think its a bad imo, but thought i would mention it anyway.
  10. after the latest update, the leds started lighting up in my g923, however its not synced with ingame rev lights and lights up just before and right after the ingame shift light. is it possible to fix/adjust this somehow or maybe just disble the leds for now, as its currently just an annoyance and is seriusly triggering my ocd. im on pc btw
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