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  1. Just went thru a live chat with PlayStation...they are still saying the correct version is on their store even when I gave them a copy of codemasters email...I was given a one time refund exception

  2. Buck6666

    Dirt Rally PS4

    I emailed them again, also with no reply as of yet. Have tried PlayStation live chat too with no success
  3. Buck6666

    Dirt Rally PS4

    No update yet for me
  4. Buck6666

    Dirt Rally PS4

    That is really great news...PlayStation yesterday in an online chat told me that there was no way they had the wrong version on their store! Thank you for the updated information
  5. Buck6666

    Dirt Rally PS4

    I agree, think the wrong version was given to us...difficult to play the game with a language you don’t understand
  6. Buck6666

    Dirt Rally PS4

    I am still awaiting a response from codemasters
  7. Buck6666

    Dirt Rally PS4

    I just downloaded this game from PlayStation store...it is in some language that I don’t understand, is there a way to change it to English...my consoles language is set to english thank you...