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  1. Hi all 🙂 1. I am experiencing crashing when playing f1 2020, happens most often during multiplayer but happens in all game modes. I can barely even complete a 5 lap lap race without crashing. 2. 1.16 - All my drivers are up to date too - 2700x, 16gb ( 8 x 2 no oc ) rtx 2060 1tb nvme m.2 with f1 2020 installed 3. All game modes but mostly online. 4. When playing single player the game will crash every 10 ish laps - when trying to play online it crashes that many times i can barely play online. 5. Never had this problem using intel. All my other games DxDiag.txtplay fine, just f1 2020. Happens every time i play the game 6 Yes i have. see attached files. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/BenMills/ 7. PS4 controller 8 see attached crash_dump#728712-20210221-113848-0.zip crash_dump#728712-20210220-170834-0.zip crash_dump#720742-20210213-162306-0.zip crash_dump#712959-20210116-095034-0.zip crash_dump#712959-20201223-151944-0.zip crash_dump#692646-20201114-142042-0.zip crash_dump#614494-20200528-233530-0.zip crash_dump#728712-20210221-132536-0.zip crash_dump#728712-20210221-132004-0.zip crash_dump#728712-20210221-131632-0.zip
  2. Hi, my motherboard is a ASUS PRIME X570-P. https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/All-series/PRIME-X570-P/
  3. Hi all, still having issues 😕 but i found this report, i think I'm having driver issues that is causing issues 'ssues
  4. I verified my steam files but I've had no luck 😕 Any other ideas? the game is still basically unplayable 😞 I verified my
  5. Hi Guys! i lowered my graphics settings from ultra to medium and played a few online races which is progress... Later on i launched the game and my pc crashed, went back onto steam and it says f1 2020 has been uninstalled despite all files being there on a drive with 10+ games on which are being detected? Could i have a bad ssd by any chance?
  6. Hi @BarryBL thanks for the response - my game crashed 3 times changing the settings! Maybe i have some settings turned on that i shouldn't, when i play the game there is no stuttering etc and i play with 90fps + thanks