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  1. Thank you for your answer and your question. Once the steering wheel is connected it calibrates itself. After pressing the PS button, a couple of things happen there, either so that the game crashes and a blue screen appears, error code CE-34878 ... or the FFB just disappears from the wheel.
  2. I have a G29 and PS4. After the last update, the steering wheel started crashing and indeed the FFB is not working. What can I do? Oh and still the kind of note that in a DR2 game, the steering wheel settings should read ”logitech ...”, but I only read ”steering wheel” in it. How do I get the game to recognize the right steering wheel? In fact, I have had a problem with the FFB in the past. When I start the PS4 the steering wheel calibrates itself and it works properly, but when I start any rally game, then the steering wheel disappears from the FFB. The FFB only works when the game is started from power save mode. But really, now after the last update, the steering wheel is rattling, as I wrote at the beginning.