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  1. I just downloaded the latest update and restarted the game. Unfortunately, H shifter gear stays in the first gear, and I was not able to shift up or move it to neutral gear after the car started.. I have not tried to remove the game from my PS4 and re-install DR2 (I have CD version) to see if the update/fixes will kick in, or clear some sort of cache, etc. Anyway, so far, I could not validate the G29 H-shifter fix with this upgrade on my PS4.
  2. I use PS4/G29 wheel, and I still have this same experience since the latest update. I think the update broke the H-shifter function, etc. I have the game CD, so I ran the game without online update, and it works without any issue although I cannot play my saved online data. My wheel and H shifter work with other driving sim games so the root cause must be this update. I think I read that Dev team is looking into this issue in the previous message... I hope Codemasters can fix this as a minor update, or provide us a choice to revert the update, etc..
  3. I had the same issue with Ps4. After the update is installed, H shifter or paddles in G29 wheel stopped working for me as well. I re-installed the dirt rally 2.0 but H shifter or paddles in G29 wheel is still not working. I have other game that uses H-shifter function, and this game is working without any issue.