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  1. Came here to make a few suggestions and this was one of them. Also would be great if when racing in VR the option to show the live 3rd person view on monitor for spectator viewing was possible. Apologies if some of these have been mentioned before but other improvements for the next instalment: 1) more tracks or if possible, a track creator. Track types could be based on the existing ‘themes’. I know the community would make some amazing tracks and would bring the game closer to the spirit of rally in which the routes don’t become as memorized (because there would be so many) and
  2. Thanks, I saw that post and tried closing GHUB as was suggested for G923 users. It didn't change anything.
  3. I should mention that after playing for a couple hours last night my wheelbase got pretty warm and there was a plastic-y smell. Maybe ffb_force=5.0 is too high or I need to lower in-game FFB settings now. There is a bit too much rumbling/road feel.
  4. Hi all, carrying over the post I made on the Dirt Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/llz15q/if_you_are_having_problems_with_your_g29920923/ The FFB on my G29 (PC) has felt weak and vague since the update and I think I found why. After some searching I found that the ffb_force parameter for the G29 in the device_defines.xml file was missing for some people after an update back in 2019. I checked this file and sure enough that parameter is missing for the G29. Actually its not there for any of the defined wheels (Fanatec etc.). I added ffb_force=5.0 and the feeling in
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