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  1. Just played an "event" of Rallycross on "Pro" difficulty. Placed 2nd, 1st, 1st and 1st (by a significant margin) in qualifiers. Every single time I placed 14-16th in the total ranking against all the AIs, who curiously had 15 seconds faster times than the opponents I had just obliterated. Contrary to the instructions that I was supposed to race against every single opponent between the 4 qualifiers, giving me an actual chance to race them on track without the off-screen rubberband, I got the same opponents on 3 out of 4 the qualifiers and never got to race against the leader. I placed 16th in the total qualifiers after being 2nd/1st/1st/1st in my races, basically making the entire Rallycross career attempt toast. This is one of two possible options: 1. The AI and Rallycross rules are bugged, incorrectly assigning me opponents and accidentally calculating times in "other races" based on a higher difficulty level. 2. The AI difficulty is set up to fail the player, even when blatantly outperforming the AI at this level and this is basically a glorified Elite difficulty time trial, rather than a series of Pro difficulty races which completely defeats the purpose of this game mode. Neither outcome is acceptable and should be patched ASAP.