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  1. Codemaster, what you do with cheaters !? Just now  was race on Jerez, formula B, i will not say nickname gamers (a while), but... i start first, one gamers second, second gamers fifth... One that started fifth won race, with second me fight to finish, but this is not the crux of the problem, in both were damaged one wheel ! And one showed best lap on 2 sec... If once again, the names will emerge here. Not fixed game, delete cheaters ! (Xbox Live)
  2. Small list what need fix if next patch last... [ ! ] - priority [ ! ] About freeze not talk, it's priorityPlaylist rotation (multiplayer)[ ! ] Fix physics drift on Fanatec wheel (can't be normally drive (in GRID (first) all OK))[ ! ] Fix handling on Fanatec wheel Pressure brake without ABS[ ! ] Honda Civic TC, fix gearbox or revs engine [ ! ] Possible to correct or reduce the penalty for leaving the track or cut corner (make more logic), in some places...In setting, fix sound setting, after load save, sound setting "Dynamic Range" low (but choice and saved high)Multiplayer, Endurance, GT1, Nissan GT-R R35 GT500 2008 add choice RaceNet (team) paint, or custom paintMultyplayer, no sound engine after start raceExtra Championship save progress no comments Drag, on test session after race show time (not understand what setting give)Time Trial, add Legends Pack & Drag PackTest Session for online cars (with save cars setting) [ ! ] Fix physics some cars, Caparo T1 (very sharp), Lancia Delta (very tight turns in corner)[ ! ] Fix height of camera, or add the ability to manually changeIf remember that, add
  3. fanticUA

    Codemasters, it's fun :)

    was accidentally discovered glitch in DLC TC Legends, you can cut corners as you please https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DJAb--UfMo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ36ZWtaMSk Time Trial in custom lobby, LOBBY creator. - XoxFlukeXox maybe it's because rivals without contacts (transparent (in option)) it's only multyplayer, in offline champs or race all ok
  4. Prize money <?> spend money... Where logic (or balance) ? I do not quite understand the logic of why so Touring Car (for example, in the main this class driven), BMW 320, almost full upgraded (car 44 level), win race, win money 9540 (kind of) points, but repair car 14xxx points (4680+4900+4700) without crash)) best sponsors for this class it should not be, it's wrong Mazda 787B cost 3.000.000 Dallara Indy - 4.300.000
  5. I'm furious, second save corrupt 265 online race, 32 TC online level, 2.xxx.xxx money... Loading online race (LOADING GAME ! NOT SAVE PROGRESS), track Autosport, TC class B, Xbox 360 frozen, the first time in 2 years (not overheat)... switch off... switch on... save corrupt http://www.mediafire.com/download/pcs93xepj5actly/Grid+Autosport+save+corrupt+%28second%29.rar ?! When TU ? I already ran out of patience...
  6. Today play offline Formula C, was on track, press big X button, go to main screen Xbox, power off, after 1-2 hours start game... save corrupt I'm furious Online only 60 races Offline 174 Touring Cars 2 331 930 XP, level 11, all races win Endurance 60 440 XP, level 3 Open Wheel 25 970 XP, level 2 What ideas ? What to do ? my save Please, help me ! i'm not alone... http://steamcommunity.com/app/255220/discussions/0/540744936465760602/ ... i'm realy not alone...
  7. Please add Ukraine country & Flag
  8. fanticUA

    GRID Autosport trailer parody

    aha, may be an SMS add "W...T..F... !!!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4CsE0RMnGk
  9. fanticUA

    GRID Autosport cheaters !!!

    Yesterday was playing with one of the players, and the situation was repeated.... His nickname begins with GooseXxxXxxxx... and it was not like a glitch, for the year that i play, never such was not (for me)
  10. fanticUA

    GRID Autosport cheaters !!!

    Both not used flashback, both kick off in first corner, not me, i was first, I had to use flashback, and kick was strong, dosn't seem lag CM, so what is the answer ???
  11. fanticUA

    GRID Autosport cheaters !!!

    Lag drive behind 700-800 meters from first (fourth) in endurance on Hockenheim !?, and be at the finish line in first place!? (not me, i was third) But this is not important, won race with broken one wheel & show best lap, this is important problem
  12. fanticUA

    Autosport doesn't open in full screen

    press Alt+Enter
  13. fanticUA

    Не работает.

    всё намного проще, такое сообщение выпадает только в настраиваемой игре (Custom Lobby), на тот момент там не было никаких заездов, вот и всё меня единожды тоже подобное сообщение обескуражило, как оказалось всё намного проще select another category (or create game)
  14. fanticUA

    Anyone playing F1 2010?

    yes, sometimes, amazing games
  15. fanticUA

    Patch confirmation?

    I do not know what else to say, in Xbox Live, a new patch, but in game nothing change ... :\
  16. fanticUA

    GAS Freezing

    :\  :) ... no limit to perfection ... start F1 2010-2011... no question, perfection... or DiRT2 brake balance, handling (! on Fanatec), phisics, all good SASBlink ? You OK ? Girls denied ? Lipstick change
  17. fanticUA

    GAS Freezing

    ...but everything else... as advice, look toward Titanfall, TU3 (first) - 63mb, last TU13 475mb, and with each new update the game was getting better and better GAS very good game, but looks like you do not have the slightest desire to develop and improve the project holes are covered, all thanks, all free I have not played one month, and running the game yesterday understand that nothing has changed, except solution one problem
  18. fanticUA

    Patch confirmation?

    what happened CM ? game only one month ! all so bad !?
  19. fanticUA

    GAS Freezing

    I do not know whether to be glad or not ... I forgot how to hold the steering wheel in his hands :) ... but news good... wait
  20. fanticUA

    Patch confirmation?

    1. phisics 2. wheel handling (Fanatec) 3. ...
  21. fanticUA

    GAS Freezing

    sorrowfully but how I understand need only desire
  22. fanticUA

    GAS Freezing

    Loore, tested only freeze ? How about this & this ?