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  1. Loore said:
    We believe it's a memory issue...
    Memory... memory !?
    Game freeze in garage, you read this ?
    • Exact point of crash (what was on screen): game freeze in online garage when viewing cars (picture below)
    • How long you've been playing before the crash:  3-5 min

    ...and some have gone out and bought Forza Horizon 2...
    stupid and reckless (not logical)

  2. http://www.playground.ru/blogs/f1_2014/f1_2014_lishilas_polnoy_russkoy_lokalizatsii-112609/
    thanks CM, no translate, no purchases...
    really at Birmingham was impossible to find a russian speak homeless person for 1 pound, which could translate?
    F1 2013 me bought in Italy, and there was a translation

    п****ц, game is not for sale, but the patch is already available !!! incredible, but it's CM

  3. Loore said:
    That is normally true yes, but as I said, miss matches do happen, especially if for some reason a patch hasn't reached your part of the world yet.
    today in server lobby TC class was only europe gamers (10 peoples (5 France, 3 Italy, 1 Scotland, 1 Ukraine)), game freezes per 1.5 hours 3 times
    • Platform: Xbox 360
    • Region: MS Live Region Russia (live in Ukraine)
    • Online or offline: online (in offline 7 races, no problem)
    • Environment: Indy Oval, Bathhurst...
    • Vehicle: Mini, Holden Commodore Ute, Nissan GT-R R35, Pagani Huayra...
    • Race type: TC, street,
    • Number of players in session: 3 (+ bots), 7, 10...
    • Exact point of crash (what was on screen): point loading tracks
    • How long you've been playing before the crash:  30 min, 1.5 hours, was 4 freeze per 2 hours
    no problem with 2 patch, it's problem was with first & third patch
  4. Loore said:
    Those that were experiencing this, are you still doing so?
    in server lobby & custom lobby, created any gamers & created me, even star on first track loading...
    ...game freeze very often... (Xbox 360)
    Loore said:
    What playlists aren't you seeing? The changes we've made should increase the opportunity for a number of other track / car combinations to make an appearance. You won't be seeing new playlists appears if that's what you mean?
    no new play list, old tracks, old play list (CM server lobby), per 2 days no new tracks !

  5. ...falsely accusing me of being  a cheater and that you were going to upload the vid...
    second link in first post (i don't know how add youtube video here)
    ...and after accusing add smile :smile: , you i***t (sorry, second time was not kept) ? read theme name "...it's fun :)"
    writing to you, I did not even know that you have a tight sense of humor :\  :)
    ...it's fun, fun ! FUN !!!

    closed, essence of the problem is clear, Codemasters responded
  6. XoxFlukeXox
    I will not stoop to your level and insult you, I'll just ignore you, you have shown yourself (formerly respected you, now is not)
    and the fact that I wrote in the Xbox Live msg, it was a
    as certainmentof the problem, not the accusation you, assholes (flowaangelz, once is not considered)
    where so much arrogance and aggression (can not answer (it's not question))
    Loore said:
    We're looking into this :)
    thanks, wait
  7. SASBlink said:
    ... lets go back to the actual topic again.
    realy, why quarrel
    ...I wanna race...
    if about topic, today have very nasty race, everyone was respectful, but one player (so to speak French), a very strong player (P....), without reservations, but in the last turn in Mount Panorama kick off  three players. For win ? By the way, SASBlink, I had the opportunity several times to kick off you off the track, did not notice, this was not... (forget the insults)
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