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  1. Loore said:
    What sort of mileage do you have on the cars that have high repair costs? Were the cars purchased second hand?
    bougt new, mileage Holden 550km (level 50), BMW 594km (level 52)
    Glad bonus for winning in RaceNet (per one week forgot too...)
    Yesterday there was a situation, a few races in classes C, B, Super Tourers, was about 80.000+ winning, at Holden is not enough for full repair
    repair 17.xxx, after first race(noе done), after second - 24.xxx (one part, example engine)

    strange situation that in fact people play only in TC, i like Endurance, fast race, no one, custom race, connect 2 peoples (and race even more interesting than TC)

    I hope that everything will OK, and peoples return to the best race a few years...
    Loore said:
    how a recreation ? with new strength for new challenges ?

  2. Repeat my question - prize money <?> spend money... Where logic (or balance) ?
    Today, TC class, BMW 320, level 51, previous race no crash & contacts, repair = 17.250, next race, win money 5.250, when will be fixed ?
    I can not complain, 10.000.000 (now 1.250 after repair), 22 cars in garage, but repair takes more than winning.
    Have bought Booster Pack, and that it would be without him, I do not want to even think

    Repair Holden VF Commodore = 65.850 !!! no comments

    and why Ford Focus ST TC 50+ level, repair 5.000 (about), but BMW 320 TC 50+ level, 15.000-18.000 after one race !?

    ...Peugeot 408 SCB, engine upgrade 210.000... cars cost 145.000
  3. No Penalty - Nothing gained - NO CONTACT

    Vettel - GREATEST CHEATER !!!

    If someone is to be blamed, it's Rosberg...
    there was pure racing incident, what all attacked at him (Hamilton offended, what a pity ...)

    Magnussen ended up with a 20 second penalty for running Alonso wide.

    in turn is the only way you can quickly get out
    Magnussen unfairly punished

    something we have moved away from the topic ...

    RTAnoskills, keep forgetting to ask, what is your steering wheel ?

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