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  1. What a happiness, and for consoles somewhen we can see?
  2. what's the hurry, a whole life ahead ...
  3. not have recorder box (planed to buy Aver) after fixed corrupted save hope to see you...
  4. fix link I somehow missed, only read about the console patch
  5. it is not for me (although I was there one)
  6. Proof, i had ever seen, and I watch all the topics (may have missed), he only said that the patch has been sent, we have to wait to appear when MS and Sony will push the button
  7. :\ Dirty race and contact race (followed aggressive response) different concepts and you have this very big problem Want clean race - lone race...
  8. Proof, and what is the reason ? Loore such not speak, and if this is true (which I doubt)... Not argue, this problem emerge with each new game, from DiRT3
  9. I agree, the problem is, i agree CM somewhere a little mistake, but in this case the problem is not in the CM, at least they tried to fix the problem, but the biggest problem is the bureaucratic sluggishness of Microsoft and Sony, from two weeks to a month to consider the introduction of the patch !?
  10. Such moments unrealistic enrage, if a new patch is not fixed, CM is what to do
  11. No, definitely no, mistaken, himself come back And will be less wishing to knock you off the track By the way, drive several times with Mad Dad V1, quite cultural, him teammate more agression but for some reason everyone wanted to knock him off the track (...strange, why...)
  12. 1. F1 2010 (clean race, without KERS, DRS, and similar trash...) 2. F1 2011 (most balanced) 3. vacant, and all subsequent...
  13. if i understand, with MS (Microsoft) same situation ? yesterday received third corrupted save... did everything correctly, came out with the game, went back, all work, came out, made ​​a copy on a flash drive, run the game in the morning, both saves (on HDD, and flash drive) corrupted... I do not understand one, as people have already reached the level to 72 without problems (in TC for example, i've already lost three to 36) can be heard at least approximate dates ?
  14. I played with two gamer without DLC, i played McLaren F1 (endurance), suspect that the file already exists on disk, because 10-18Mb not enough for 4 cars
  15. all is well that is not good all pack (Black Edition, Coupe, British, Boost packs) now bought and downloaded but Premium garage bought... but "Can't download"... oops, sorry, reboot Xbox 360, clear cashe... and downloaded...
  16. Good drift... I not understand, what not that with Fanatec, not possible to drift
  17. Donington - !!!Australia Surfers Circuit -good idea and Brno, and Le Mans (!!!)
  18. one problem - wait next update (console) :) and about DLC, packs look scantily, would like more tracks (Le Mans, Le Mans, Le Mans..., Brno) ...cars, V8Supercars Volvo & Mercedes, BTCC car pack, TC class B add a couple of cars... street cars not a very interesting topic
  19. as and Coupe Pack, and Premium Garage Pack...
  20. not helps half day service Xbox Live unavailable (today)
  21. a small world ... maybe it was a another moment... if I see that someone is faster than me, I'm never going to open the lock, all within a reasonable hope to see soon... TC contact the race, most importantly that without busting
  22. problem ? no, not was, but kick in my ass (sorry bumper, was, in Hockenheim, Brands Hatch, for example, now not played, 2 weeks, save corrupt, wait fix...), i'm always drive clean. gamertag ? Team [RTU], i'm alone there I'll see you... after relesed fix...  sorry, may be was "xox Fluke xox" or "xox Flukyer xox", you are so much alike ... ;) and sorry if seemed a bit rude
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