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  1. Loore said:

    We're working with Microsoft to address the problem...

    this is a problem only MS, and most extended problem - cost -1

    I have never had such a, so I could to buy (and bought a lot of), but can't download

    wait fix (Title Update), it is more important

    Loore, by the way, Premium Garage pack even not to buy (Xbox 360)

  2. If you are at a higher level and lower level players smash into you, run you off the track, use your rear bumper for they're brakes, and all because you either played more or got the game earlier. And Gawd forbid you give this treatment back to them. 

    Codemaster, you need to correct this misunderstanding, players with lower levels of the first to put on the grid ... how many times I turned out to be due to these idiots outside of the track ...

    Before go in online, i completed career Touring Car (full, level 11 (bit not enough to 12... save corrupted...)) and half Endurance

    ...and all because you either played more or got the game earlier. And Gawd forbid you give this treatment back to them. 

    and by the way, this can also mean that you are very well driving virtual car

  3. NoSskilz said:

    Still won't download on the 360

    It seems that's not all ... wanted to buy Premium garage pack, error 80167611, but with the card I have no problems... oh MS...

    Other games DLC bought without problems, i suspect this problem (and with British Car Pack) is solved with the release of  next Title Update...

    ... if after five days problem not solved

    anyone still having problems downloading it on the 360?


  4. Loore said:
    As for DLC not working, can you elaborate? We had some issues with Xbox 360 this week with the Best of British Pack but we've worked with Microsoft to solve this and we're receiving reports from users that it's now working.
    We believe that you are working in the right direction, but on this issue ...
    "Cant't downloads..."
    32h passed, what is the problem MS it's clear, in Sony no problem with this

  5. I never with one game had no such problems (about save corrupt)
    I know that will be patch, but I do not understand why this problem occurs when frozen Xbox
    And it's not my problem, I did not create it yourself
    I installed the game on my harddrive (Xbox) that the loading times are slightly shorter, less room for error when loading. Also probably wouldn't be a bad Idea to get you a thumb drive. 
    all game on HDD
  6. I'm furious, second save corrupt
    265 online race, 32 TC online level, 2.xxx.xxx money...
    Loading online race (LOADING GAME ! NOT SAVE PROGRESS), track Autosport, TC class B, Xbox 360 frozen,
    the first time in 2 years (not overheat)... switch off... switch on... save corrupt
    When TU ?
    I already ran out of patience...
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