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  1. do not agree, marketing was less than F1 2013, but the work done more, game good, but need rework I can provide a list of the most important fixes that can make the game even better, but I think CM better understand what to do
  2. Prize money <?> spend money... Where logic (or balance) ? I do not quite understand the logic of why so Touring Car (for example, in the main this class driven), BMW 320, almost full upgraded (car 44 level), win race, win money 9540 (kind of) points, but repair car 14xxx points (4680+4900+4700) without crash)) best sponsors for this class it should not be, it's wrong Mazda 787B cost 3.000.000 Dallara Indy - 4.300.000
  3. on PC it's normaly... but... on Xbox 360 i saw characters - medium speed 1735km/h (or so) and want to make a thread in the forum with suspicious characters and dirty gamers
  4. No, no,no, no street tracks for racing cars, racing cars - racing tracks
  5. And not only Tracks and variations many, but in the main 2-3 tracks per class Any class on any tracks, why not ?
  6. Why not do camera settings as in Colin McRae 2 ? Ideally been realized Angle and rotation for any wish
  7. No, i have Fanatec, drive without ABS, TCS only V8Supercars, manual gear My Fanatec setting GRID Autosport super ! but...
  8. I'm too... answer support "If the game's saved file has genuinely become corrupt then there is little you can do, other than start a new save file I'm afraid." not the answer I was expecting ... this is the first (and hopefully last) corrupted save over 5 yearsI'm still waiting for a solution to this problem
  9. Ok GRID Autosport amazing game, all of it is done properly, but these small moments... i hope that this problem will be solved...
  10. Today play offline Formula C, was on track, press big X button, go to main screen Xbox, power off, after 1-2 hours start game... save corrupt I'm furious Online only 60 races Offline 174 Touring Cars 2 331 930 XP, level 11, all races win Endurance 60 440 XP, level 3 Open Wheel 25 970 XP, level 2 What ideas ? What to do ? my save Please, help me ! i'm not alone... http://steamcommunity.com/app/255220/discussions/0/540744936465760602/ ... i'm realy not alone...
  11. Xbox 360 Fanatec CSR firmware 756 my setting In-game settings Stearing Deadzone 5% Stearing Saturation 100% Stearing Linearity 1 Throttle Deadzone 20% Throttle Saturation 100% Brake Deadzone 20% Brake Saturation 100% Vibration Strength 10% Wheel Strength 100% Wheel weight 100% On the wheel settings Sensitivity (SEn): 370 Force feedback strength (FF): 80 (or 70) Vibration strength (Sho): 80 (or 70) Drift mode (dri): Off ABS: 100 Linearity (Lin): 0 Deadzone (dEA): 0 Spring (SPr): 1 Damper (dPr): -3 (or -2)
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