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  1. @Alain67 @Racer37 Thank you for the tip. I tried the mod in few locations recently and works very well so far. Also big thank you to Kegetys! Also for RBR VR mod 😄
  2. Oh I see, but unfortunately neither of the workarounds did work for me. 1. Head position -> Seems that the most significant element that kicking in the auto-exposure effect is the windshield sun protector, which is pitch black. Almost all cars have one 🙂 So even if I move the head position to "most" forward. Auto-exposure is still active. 2. eyes width separation -> I've found eyeDistanceMultiplier in hardware_settings_config_vr.xml, but seems changing values seems to have no effect on Reverb G2. Only with some extreme values like 5.000000 my HDM goes black 🙂 and I have to res
  3. Hi, I've got my Reverb G2 recently. I am experiencing the same issue, sadly nothing works for me either... @PJTierney Please, could you make any statement about this VR issue? I saw that 1.17 is the last planned patch for Dirt Rally 2.0. But is there any chance to make another one that fix this issue? I think DR2.0 will be here for some time and I think this issue is a big deal for many people... Maybe it isn't look that bad on the screenshot, but in HDM it is different story, because the bright/overexposed road fills the whole lenses sweet spot. I am not sure if it is related to some in
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