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  1. @Alain67 @Racer37 Thank you for the tip. I tried the mod in few locations recently and works very well so far. Also big thank you to Kegetys! Also for RBR VR mod 😄
  2. Oh I see, but unfortunately neither of the workarounds did work for me. 1. Head position -> Seems that the most significant element that kicking in the auto-exposure effect is the windshield sun protector, which is pitch black. Almost all cars have one 🙂 So even if I move the head position to "most" forward. Auto-exposure is still active. 2. eyes width separation -> I've found eyeDistanceMultiplier in hardware_settings_config_vr.xml, but seems changing values seems to have no effect on Reverb G2. Only with some extreme values like 5.000000 my HDM goes black 🙂 and I have to restart it. @PJTierney Anyway, thank you very much for the reply and issue clarification.
  3. Hi, I've got my Reverb G2 recently. I am experiencing the same issue, sadly nothing works for me either... @PJTierney Please, could you make any statement about this VR issue? I saw that 1.17 is the last planned patch for Dirt Rally 2.0. But is there any chance to make another one that fix this issue? I think DR2.0 will be here for some time and I think this issue is a big deal for many people... Maybe it isn't look that bad on the screenshot, but in HDM it is different story, because the bright/overexposed road fills the whole lenses sweet spot. I am not sure if it is related to some in game graphic effect. If it is the case, please give us option to disable it, at least via xml config. But seems it occurs only in VR, so maybe it is somewhere in VR implementation, maybe something that can't be easily fixed, so maybe it's not worth the effort/money, so maybe I just answered to my self 😞 But it would be nice to get some official answer. PS: I am also experiencing this issue, maybe it is related..