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  1. Hello, I’m trying to figure out if all the known G29 FFB issues on the PS4 have been resolved? I’m in the process of a warranty claim with Logitech. I had no idea FFB was being affected by updates. I’m yet to to find 2 G29 wheels that feel the same. In total I have purchased 1 G29 from Best Buy in Canada. After about 4 months of light use with extremely light settings, compared to what most forum posts or YouTube videos I researched recommended. The wheel started making a clicking or grinding noise on power up calibration rotations. I m now on my 4th or 5th replacement from Logitech. None of the wheels FFB feel as strong as the first wheel. I’d even go as far to say that not 1 of these wheels feels the same in terms of FFB. Something to note. All of these G29 paddle shifters felt the same. Except for the last wheel Logitech just sent me. The paddles feel light to pull and completely different. I’m wondering if my latest issues weren’t just dirt rally 2.0 update issues. I have switched G29 since the last update but issues I was experiencing on 2 G29 wheels before and after the latest update game only registers G29 as steering wheel. It use to say Logitech and steering wheel the rev lights not matching up or working. Game randomly crashes for whatever reason FFB is either great or non existent or it sounds like a dryer full of bricks. @PJTierney im sorry I wouldn’t know how to post this in the proper section.
  2. Ya I had the same thing happen to my wheels ffb settings after the update, I didn’t notice until I started a stage.
  3. Alrighty. Thanks @PJTierney
  4. Hello, @PJTierney has there been any word at all when this might be resolved?
  5. Hello, I’m also on PS4. I haven’t driven R5 VW for a while, but I noticed almost right away. Is this getting fixed? Since there was an update previously to add this sound as the authentic sound wasn't available prior to that.