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  1. Stupid reply because it sounds the same as the Focus, all gearbox whine and that's it.
  2. No way. Just get Phil to do co drive the stages instead of soundbiting it. I really want Robert Reid. We need an iconic voice of 00's WRC to tie it all in. Phil, Nicki, or Robert. Please.
  3. Cutting slicks, two spares with a different compound to swap if weather changes etc. Maybe a puncture resilience vs compound thing too.
  4. I've not read through this whole thing yet, so I may be re-covering things here. I love DiRT Rally 2.0, it is an immense game. I'm sure licencing is why there aren't any Toyotas, but that is another story. Here's what I would like. CO-DRIVERS Ability to edit a pacenote (even just raise or lower the number and add a tightens or opens or drop outside/rocks inside). More pacenote detail (Phil Mills had incredibly detailed notes for Solberg, and I would happily pay for a DLC containing this. Robert Reid co-driver option, again I would happily pay DLC. CARS M
  5. Could call it Carlos Sainz rally haha I'd not think people want engine failures 5 times a season though like he had in 2001.
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