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  1. Thanks for the update again. Looking forward to seeing the little update option appear in Steam 🙂 While a game is still full price (especially for GOTY edition with I think I paid about £60 for), shouldn’t dev teams be prioritising fixing said full price game, before developing “future stuff” Not ungrateful. Just impatient! 👍
  2. Apparently they’re looking into it. According to this forums moderator. I bought a G923, playseat and DR2 Game of the year edition a couple months ago and it’s unusable (kind of specifically for this game). Spoke to Codemasters support and one of their comments was “make sure the wheel is plugged in and connected via usb”. Then they said “No further updates are planned for Dirt Rally 2.0”. Guess it’s a case of “tough ****” unless they do in fact hotfix it.
  3. It’s taking entirely way too long. All that needs to happen is a roll back of the Logitech wheel compatibility.
  4. Fantastic response and swift as well 👍👍👍👍👍
  5. @PJTierney is there an answer to when a patch will be issued yet?
  6. Yep very much the same here. Aside from the force feedback, do you find the steering is vague as well?
  7. Seems like you’ll probably be fine. It’s the Xbox version that seems to be the issue.
  8. Is there any update on this? Just could do with knowing if there’s going to be a patch, otherwise I really have to try get a refund for this game in a reasonable amount of time 😞
  9. Thanks for the quick reply! Yeah I’ve tried that. Made sure GHub is totally closed in sys tray, but for me the steering is still totally wrong. Have to spin the wheel about 300degrees to get round any corners. Pretty sure there’s input lag as well as I can’t make small corrections meaning I crash pretty quickly. Have you changed anything else? Are your saturation and linearity set to 100? I’m not getting any help from Codemasters or Logitech on this. Asseto Corsa Comp plays amazingly well on the same wheel / pc so this is defo a DR2.0 issue.
  10. Just out of interest, have you managed to get DR2.0 working with your G923 yet?
  11. I have an Xbox G923 on DR 2.0 (PC). Since version 1.17, it's unplayable. Steering is unresponsive and vague. FFB is totally broken. Wheel being loose one second and wrenching me to the left or right the next. Should I reinstall the game? What is the fix? Disabling G Hub (pressing Close on sys tray) does not improve things at all. Is anything being done about this? Patiently I await response.
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