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  1. This set is all Ferrari Invitationals, 2 events of it being continuations of the Ferrari F430 Challenge Cup, one at America, the other, Asia. The 3rd event is the Ferrari 512 BB LM Sydney Cup, at Sydney Motorsport Park Gardner GP Circuit Reversed. The highlight for me was round 1 of the Asian Ferrari F430 Challenge Cup, at the awesome Okutama point to point sprint track Torii Rush.
  2. This set includes GT Group 2, Super Tourer, and Ferrari Challenge Cup classes. The 1st event is the International GT Series GT Group 2, for which I chose the Nissan 350Z. In this 4 round event I averaged only a 3rd place start, but quickly took the lead in each race. The 2nd event is FA Off The Grid, for which I chose the Ford Falcon FG-X Supercar. The 3rd event, and the highlight for me, is European Ferrari F430 Challenge Cup. This event seemed hard to hotlap and win, until I settled on all the way soft on springs and dampers, and 1 click down from that on anti-roll bars.
  3. This set of events includes the TC-2, Stock Muscle, and Modified classes, and they are the last events in the career for each of these classes. I chose the Golf GTI TCR, Camaro SSX Concept, and Honda S2000, which all performed very well on these tracks. The events are the International TC-2 Championship, the Muscle Champions Series, and Modified Pro Tour. The only race I didn't manage a 1st place start via hotlaps was the very first one at Zhejiang in the International TC-2 Championship. I easily secured the lead on the first turn though. The highlight for me was the Muscle Champions Series, p
  4. Three more events, featuring Prototype, F1000, and Super Tourer classes. The 1st event is 1 race called the Prototype Super Sprint at Crescent Valley Infield Circuit. It started out feeling tough, with AI pressing me hard, but once I got the hang of taking the right/left jog where you start heading back to the straight full gas, I got some good gaps going. The 2nd event is the International F1000 Championship at Okutama Sprint Circuit, Shanghai's Waibaidu Way, and the East Track at Zhejiang Circuit. The only real tough one there was Zhejiang, as it was in pouring rain and it was hard to get an
  5. Here's the next set of events, featuring TC-1 Special, Stock, and a new built for Time Attack Tuner class. The 1st event is TC-1 Specials America. The Crescent Valley and Indianapolis tracks were relatively easy, but the many curbs of the San Fran track was a bit hard to get used to. The next 2 events are only 1 race each, Thunder in the Desert at the Crescent Valley Tri Oval, and Okutama Super Lap Challenge on the Grand Circuit. The CV Tri Oval in the Jupiter was tougher than expected, and it can get squirrelly at high speed on keyboard, even just minor adjustments on the straights to avoid h
  6. Here's the next set of 3 events, featuring GT1, Prototype, and F1000 classes. The 1st event was the American GT Championship, and the rain soaked Indianapolis track was by far the most challenging. It proved to be a good battle with some lead changes. The final race at San Fran reversed, though tough to get used to, resulted in very fast times once I got the hang of it. The 2nd event is the FA World Tour Part 2 in the Prototype class. The highlight by far of this event was the final race at Okutama GP. It ended up being quite a pursuit to catch the leaders, and I had to yet again, but eventual
  7. Been taking a break to play Monster Energy Supercross 3 and Ghostrunner, but I now have 3 more events done in GRID 2019. This set features the TC-1 Special and Super Modified classes, and introduces the updated Jupiter in Stock class, which is far more than the demo derby car of original GRID, but still frustrating to drive. It was actually all going well until the Crescent Valley track, where the combination of the tough to handle Jupiter and a challenging race course, along with AI scripted to drive it fast, proved very difficult. I couldn't manage any better than the default 16th place star
  8. Three more events, this time featuring GT Group 1, Super Tourers, and Classic GT classes. The highlight here is the Historic GT event in the Ford GT40, but it also includes by far the most frustrating race yet in the game, Cathedral Pass at Barcelona. It's narrow walled off streets don't lend well to loose handling cars of days past. The 3rd race in this event was so hard I had to drop AI to Med, but left everything else on Hard.
  9. Yeah the original is still best in most ways. Pros 1. The damage model was far more realistic, and forced you to drive as clean as possible. It also had a nice onscreen indicator showing affected parts of the car. 2. The AI drove pretty clean as long as you did. 3. The multiview replay was best I've ever seen in a race game. 4. The crowd presence was felt when they cheered. 5. The track selection was great, with lots of iconic locations. 6. The crew chief chatter makes far more sense than in a lot of race games, especially compared to GRID 2019. 7. You
  10. A few more events. This set includes TC-1 Specials, Pro Trucks, and Super Modifieds. The highlight of this set, is the one thing these 3 events have in common, a frenetic final round in Barcelona. Playlist so far...
  11. Just a few of the last events I've battled through, two of which were some of the hardest I've faced so far (Tenshi Way, Indy Sport Circuit in GT40). Playlist up to this point...
  12. If I think hard about what Race Driver GRID had, some of the tracks I miss are Circuito del Jarama, Nürburgring GP-Streckenlayout, Donington Park, Istanbul Park, Milan, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Washington DC, Detroit, and Long Beach. I also miss the more realistic damage model, which made avoiding contact very necessary. What I like from GRID 2019 is hotlap qualifying, and absolutely none of the momentary freezing problems at certain points on the track I experienced in Race Driver GRID. I DO wish however they'd kept the option to customize race length. Many of the events in GRID 201
  13. Actually, GRID 2019 often gets praised for it's realistic vehicle sound, and quite deservingly. IMO it's one of the most immersive things about the game.
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