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  1. Good afternoon everyone. When I bought F1 2020, I plugged in my gamepad (Logitech F310) and my game spotted it automatically. My DRS activation button was Y and my MDF panel button was B and I could actually see them in the game like they are on my controller (same color, sign etc.) But yesterday when I start my game, I get a warning that says " No preset controller scheme for the device (s)" So I go to the menu with my Keyboard and tried to assign my keyboard and tried to assign me buttons, But instead of xbox buttons, it gives me random numbers. I don't know what changed an
  2. Have a great day and fun games everyone. My name is Anıl and I am 30 years old. Writing from İstanbul - Turkey. I have an issue about my controller but i dont want to throw questions randomly. Considering that can you please direct me to true location. Where should i create a new topic. My problem is not completely a bug but bug-ish kind of situation :) Tahnk you and may the force be with you.
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