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  1. I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE the handling of the game now. I actually spent 7 hours straight playing it yesterday which is the longest ive played the game in a go since it's come out. The last handling was nice but it got frustrating after a while so you'd give up. Yesterday I just got into a proper groove and the lap times started to fall. TC has become a bit easier but if you ask the drivers in real life, this is exactly how the cars handle. The oversteer out of corner has become much easier to control. Before the patch that was causing my consistency to go down the drain so in effect I'd drive much slower than the cars potential in order to finish the race. Now I can properly unleash the monsters that are F1 cars on track. I use racing lines so the braking points on the line are much more in line with the previous versions of F1 so now it's a matter of unlearning what the original points were on this game. The change of direction is what I really like now, previously I'd have a tentative pause in the middle of chicanes because the cars would spring a surprise more often than not. Now they are much tamer and you can properly attach the kurbs. Which brings me to the kurbs, we can now actually attack them consistently. In the previous version the risk was way too high and compared to last game this one gives us a more realistic approach to using the Kurbs. Charlie (corner cutting) still needs work in TT; I feel sometimes that it is way to rigid and actually punishes perfection. Coming to the cons... I run a performance league and we feel that the pace comparison isn't actually representing whats happening in real F1. I'm sure this is something that can be addressed in a future update. SUMMURY: Brilliant work, now we've actually started playing F1 2019 in all its glory. It's letting you push and then some. Other senior players in our league are loving it too. The turnout in our random lobbies was bigger than it was at launch. I just hope the opinion of a few people who aren't liking it doesn't sway the direction of future updates. @Faya p.s. connecting to the online services is still very dodgy for me, pleassseee find a fix for that and I'll get you a donut :)
  2. oogiee

    Cant Connect to Online Services [ZX]

    @Faya still awaiting a fix for this. With league racing fast approaching, this is really gonna hamper my experience on this game. I'm not a career mode player, I do 99 percent of my racing online. Could you please expedite the matter a bit
  3. oogiee

    Cant Connect to Online Services [ZX]

    Im guessing you meant developer account. That would be a no
  4. oogiee

    Cant Connect to Online Services [ZX]

    I'm on PS4, not steam. PSN id is oogie_azeem. Let me know if the underscore needs removing? Btw, I found a very crude fix to the problem... Close the application and watch something on Netflix on PS4 for 10-15 minutes. Open the F1 game again and somehow it connects. Interesting, right?
  5. oogiee

    Cant Connect to Online Services [ZX]

    Still awaiting to know what the problem is. It connected somehow yesterday just once and I did a few online lobbies. But when I tried again at night and today in the morning I was getting the same issue. A few people from my league wanted to race last night but when I accept the invite it tries to go online and gives me the same error as the one above.
  6. oogiee

    Cant Connect to Online Services [ZX]

    Any news on what is causing this?
  7. oogiee

    Cant Connect to Online Services [ZX]

    Hey, thanks for the quick reply. I am on PS4
  8. I have been getting the same message when I try and connect with the online services (attached image). But when I go to Time Trial I can see all the leaderboards and my time gets uploaded when I do a lap as well. Please HELP!
  9. oogiee

    Patch confirmation?

    so no patch? are you serious? there's atleast 4 tracks where the tires aren't even right. can we get EA back to developing this game?
  10. oogiee

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    And since setup is being discussed a lot here... Maybe we can even hire a race engineer who does the set up for you. The more money they cost the better they are and the more areas they are competent with. 
  11. oogiee

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Ok I have more now... Can we have a TEAM OWNER mode where you have to build a car from scratch. I know this is a different tangent altogether BUT this also opens up a whole new dimension of interaction. Teams can start off with a fixed budget and make money from sponsors, performance, hiring (venezuelan) drivers. This also gives you the ability to build the ULTIMATE car with your DREAM line up. Now imagine using your custom car to drive online races. (something that is paying high dividends to FIFA online already)
  12. oogiee

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Heres a thought... Can we have THREE SHOT qualifying? Get three hot laps one in each session to determine the starting grid. And yeah... the ability to custom set up the car and pick tires for these sessions which is currently missing in the one shot quali. And since we are one this topic, perhaps a different OSD for qualifying that is similar to the timing screens at actual races. Where you are shown the best lap time about 5 seconds before you hit the timing line so you know who the best is and what your gap is much more easily. Also can we see what tyre people are starting the race on before the start of the race? That helps with strategy a lot.