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  1. The thing is it is usually happening during a cut scene and it isn't allowing me to pause the game at that point. In my career as well, it is happening when Will Buxton's comes for a first visit to the team facilities, cant pause the game there. So really struggle with the error code. This is the code I get after the Will Buxton sequence: ETTB-EMXV-BPTX-SHEG
  2. A detailed description of the issue:Cant hear the audio of the commentators or the press or the team personal in Single player and My Teams Report Code: Didnt get a crash code Platform: PS5 Game-mode: Single Player story mode and My Teams What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried: I tried changing the audio language and output to main TV and still nothing. I see the subtitles when i change language but I hear nothing on the TV
  3. So I am not able to hear any of the commentary audio or the press audio or the team manager etc in both the single player and My Team mode. I tried it in the audio settings as well but I keep getting no sound and only sub titles for whats being said. Please let me know if there is a fix for this. I am on the Deluxe version for PS5.
  4. so no patch? are you serious? there's atleast 4 tracks where the tires aren't even right. can we get EA back to developing this game?
  5. And since setup is being discussed a lot here... Maybe we can even hire a race engineer who does the set up for you. The more money they cost the better they are and the more areas they are competent with. 
  6. Ok I have more now... Can we have a TEAM OWNER mode where you have to build a car from scratch. I know this is a different tangent altogether BUT this also opens up a whole new dimension of interaction. Teams can start off with a fixed budget and make money from sponsors, performance, hiring (venezuelan) drivers. This also gives you the ability to build the ULTIMATE car with your DREAM line up. Now imagine using your custom car to drive online races. (something that is paying high dividends to FIFA online already)
  7. Heres a thought... Can we have THREE SHOT qualifying? Get three hot laps one in each session to determine the starting grid. And yeah... the ability to custom set up the car and pick tires for these sessions which is currently missing in the one shot quali. And since we are one this topic, perhaps a different OSD for qualifying that is similar to the timing screens at actual races. Where you are shown the best lap time about 5 seconds before you hit the timing line so you know who the best is and what your gap is much more easily. Also can we see what tyre people are starting the race on befor
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