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  1. Let's hope that they will 1. implement VR from the start 2. focus on VR performance for ALL headsets including WMR.
  2. Yes I've also tried the 471.11 driver. It makes ZERO difference for me, it's a stuttering hell. The only driver that I got this game running with is still 456.71 (in combination with XMP off).
  3. The performance issues in this game with the 2000/3000 series from Nvidia are terrible. For some people the game runs great, for others it doesn't. The same applies for VR headsets. So sad that the support for this game is dropped, it's hugely unoptimized, this game clearly needs extra development to get the performance issues solved. Let's all hope that DR3 focuses on stable and good performance for all hardware, for VR all headsets for 2D and VR and for all GPU's. I have one thing to say that you can try: I have a 3080 and I can run 2D with good performance with every Nvidia driver BUT
  4. It's unbelievable that F1 2021 doesn't get VR. In 2021 it's unacceptable that a racing game doesn't get VR. 90% of the racers that tried a good VR setup once, stays at VR and cannot go back. So for all of them, including me, it's: No VR = No buy.
  5. I spend many MANY time to get this game properly running in VR, it's close to impossible but with many tweaking it can be done. I must say that his(Clouds823) ingame settings (+indeed 16xAF in the nvidia CP but I leave the rest on default) give the best visuals/performance in VR. So unfortunately there are no other big setting changes to improve, only some small changes: Vehicle Detail LOW (NOT very low, then the steering wheel is gone) Skidmarks OFF To gain some performance so that you can improve the resolution a very little bit.. But for me it's unplayable with CMAA, too mu
  6. Very true, everyone really hopes that DR3 gets a proper VR implementation... This is not only bad for streaming/youtube, it's also not nice when other people are in the same room watching how you drive in VR. With AMS2/ACC/AC etc. it's all perfect to play VR and you can let someone else watch the race on the monitor, but with DR2... it's terrible/impossible.
  7. I just want to share this review with you: In his opinion the Vive Pro 2 is flawed because of visible/terrible artifacts with the lenses and an even smaller vertical FoV and sweetspot. In his opinion the Reverb G2 is still the best choice for sim racing/the Vive Pro 2 is a downgrade instead of an upgrade compared to the G2 from his experience.
  8. Great ! 90 hz is OK/much better indeed, but I prefer also 72/75/80hz, we are the minority indeed 😄 I know this because I requested this at HP's reddit but not much people seem to be interested in that option for the G2.. strange because 72/75/80hz would be the sweetspot performance/graphics balanse wise, 60 is too low/unusable for me, causes flickering.
  9. Nice ! I'm looking forward to your comparison video's to the Reverb G2. Let's hope that the VIVE Pro 2 works without flaws in DR2..(and 3) I also hope that there are more HZ options then solely 120HZ (there MUST be 🙂 ) otherwise it's impossible to get good performance with that resolution without reprojection/motion smoothing(what you don't want to use..) Just a small ontopic update for the Reverb G2 users: I installed the new WMR for SteamVR beta. Everything stays the same regarding the "tweaks", still only works with the 456.71 driver release/and XMP off (didn't test other PCI-e setting
  10. I understood/KNOW that already, what do I have to believe and where am I wrong? EDIT: It's clear that you don't understand the essence of this subject and for that reason you react in the way as you do. I try to explain it to you as best as I can: The following is stated by CM: "As for DiRT Rally 2.0, Windows Mixed Reality isn't supported as mentioned before, so I'm afraid there's no fix planned on our end." Which means that they REFUSE to look at WMR related issues. This has nothing to do with what you just stated here. I ask for a change to this policy, that they DO look at WM
  11. As I told you already before: I don't agree with your standpoint at all. ALL other sim racing game developers ALL decided to support simply each headset/platform. Only CodeMasters decided to not support WMR headsets/platform and made specific choices. And that the hope for all WMR users is that DR3 supports ALL headsets/platforms is a fair thing to say here, there is nothing "hijacked" at all, it's an issue that should be addressed. And you don't need to explain what's clear already, but WMR isn't dead at all, the Reverb G2 is the best headset on the market at this moment for sim racing, so s
  12. Once you got it working the VR experience is indeed thrilling. But many of us don't get it working at all, this is the only game that I have that doesn't support WMR officially. The ONLY game, all other VR sim racing games support all VR headsets. Only codemasters decided to not support all headsets, so the support from Codemaster on VR is terrible, there simply isn't any support for it other then Oculus and HTC and Index. It's also unbelievable but true that CM refuses to give any feedback to the community on their reasons for this. Besides that, every single request from the community is ig
  13. I don't agree with this. FFB is great, you can only really feel all the effects good with a DD wheel. The phisics on tarmac could be improved but it's definitely not the most important thing. The most important thing is BY FAR VR improvement.
  14. I fully agree, I'm very disappointed in the VR development in general, all feedback from the community regarding VR is ignored from the start by the developers and some headsets (like the best current headset, the Reverb G2) aren't supported at all. Let's hope that DR3 gets a proper VR implementation..
  15. - Proper STABLE VR support for ALL handsets including WMR. - Focus on great performance for VR, as good as in 2D (2D is really good already). - Analog handbrake support, as it was in DR1. - Slight improvements in physics/car handling, especially on tarmac. - Bug fixes, such as smooth arms and wheel movement and proper brightness settings so that an "VR eye accomodation fix" isn't needed. - Further improved graphics, especially LoD of trees should be improved. - And great, extra content; more cars and tracks. That would be it, that is enough to make DR3 a mast
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