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  1. "Next-Generation Experience" but no VR? Doesn't sound next-gen to me. How can you make an racing game in 2021 without VR support? Exactly this. You can't go back to 2D when you've seen VR. F1 2021 is not a "Next-Generation Experience" without VR support. Let's all hope that VR support will be announced(including proper WMR support...). But "Ray Tracing" is added? Why invest the development time in RT instead of VR? Disappointed.
  2. Where did you read that this wasn't the case? @topic starter: great idea for DR3 !
  3. GuusHugo

    Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames :(

    Thank you for your great suggestion, I also had that issue but then with my first old Logitech steering wheel but that was WAY back. I disabled all HID devices already, all besides the G2 and one of the gaming devices (I tried with XBOX controller and of course the Steering wheel(one by one, to see if one of the 2 is causing the issue)). All other devices are disabled, even the keyboard and the mouse. Doesn't make a difference at all. I also disabled all audio devices, also no difference...
  4. GuusHugo

    Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames :(

    That is a GREAT posting, thank you for sharing this. I was almost into buying a other motherboard because of this issue(since I really tried everything to get this working). Your post encourage me to follow this path but now I'm thinking that the CPU also has to be replaced... Since a other motherboard for this CPU would probably give the same issue(not sure but higher chance...). It's a huge step for 1 game because the 9700K@5ghz is fast enough for me for everything. But fyi; I'm now also using the USB-C port on my Z390 motherboard... EDIT: From what I read here do 2 other people also have Intel, but still have the same problem. RagingBeard has the i9 10850K and Jaggers271 the i9-9900KS and both got this problem BUT the "Ham VR" from the youtube video that got it working has the i9 9900k... So it's not clear at all what it could be. The only thing that I see is that it is all Intel, and that Intel simply sometimes work and sometimes it doesn't work. So the main new question is: Are there any AMD CPU users that have this problem?
  5. Thank you for your suggestion. I guess that this is similair to NVIDIA Fast Sync, unfortunately this doesn't make any difference at all(tested all 3 options, ultra, on and off). Neither does the new Nvidia driver...
  6. GuusHugo

    Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames :(

    Small update: Windows Mixed Reality driver version 10.0.19041.2041 is just released. I just tested it and it doesn't make a difference at all. We keep on searching...
  7. Thank you for your detailed reply and your suggestion. Of course I have turned off SteamVR home. I tried every possible (small and big) thing to get this game working with the G2+3080. But it's simply not working at all. But as all suggestions, also this suggestion; is highly appreciated. It's a known fact already to everyone that WMR+SteamVR isn't the most optimal platform regarding VR performance, so even before watching these video's I already know that this is the case. But some users with a similair setup as me had(or even have) the Reverb G2+3080/3090 working flawlessly at medium settings/full 90fps without big fps drops at high resolution on the G2+3080. This FACT means that not the ENTIRE code has be rewritten to get back to this stage of performance(it is not perfect but it is 100000 times better then now, it simply "doesn't work" here now@10%res + lowest settings possible) if the game works as it did in the past with WMR. So we can agree to disagree here, my opinion is that a bugfix is sufficient for regular use with the G2+3080/90 with a proper bugfix. If you don't want to agree with this, then this is okay for me, then we differ in opinion on this subject. I don't need an superduperoptimzed version, a version that just runs OK at medium is okay for me. But we can both agree that CM don't want to look at this issue at all since they don't want to support WMR. So I'm not looking for a perfect DR2.0 version for WMR. I'm looking for a (bug)fix SOMEHOW to get this game running in the same state as for example "Ham VR" on youtube got the game running on similair specs as my computer and with exactly the same headset as me. Unfortunately a miracle has to be found to get this done because with every little tweak/driver/setting etc. that I applied the end result was the same: stuttering/flickering in a major way. The biggest help would be that the community asks CodeMasters to step in and to look at this issue, but you're not that kind of person I realized, you do the opposite, you prefer that they ignore this issue and see this game as "end of support" status and accept that and see all new WMR headsets as "unsupported". I hope that this way of looking at things could be changed at Codemasters, but you seem to think that this is a great way of thinking. I don't share this opinion with you. So we can also mutually agree to disagree on this subject too. As you was exaggerating this issue (ENTIRE code MUST be rewritten JUST for WMR) which you still don't acknowledge(why not? too much pride?), I will admit here that I was exaggerating "I bought a new wheel and the Reverb G2 and the 3080 FOR THIS GAME IN VR, and now it's all unusable, it was all for nothing.". I will admit that, YES I did buy it indeed all mainly for DR2, but of course I can still play DR2 with this great wheel+3080 in 2D on my 100 inch screen in 4K with 4xMSAA and high settings, it's not the end of the world. It is still an awesome game and GREAT experience. The wheel support in this game is maybe even the best of all games that I played. And the VR headset is even more then great for other games too, I found out that even Assetto Corsa Competizione (which is a EXTREMELY demanding game in VR ALSO "unoptimized") runs flawlessly with some ini-tweaks on this headset on pretty high resolution with full 90fps without a single drop and it's a very impressive experience too. The same for automobilista 2, more then impressive and super sharp/with high clarity, better then every other headset on the market. So I'm not unhappy with my purchases in the end I'm just unhappy/irritated that I'm not able to find a tweak to get the game working as some other users (used to) get it working with this headset... It's still a mistery what the cause is and maybe it will always stay that way, as you see I'm not the kind of person that normally gives up fast but I think that we reached a dead end here. And you could be happy with such an developer that provides an half baked VR option, my opinion stays the same: I expect an fix from CM and I expect that they change their VR policy in the future to support all headsets. It's indeed not a realistic way of thinking, but hey; people can have their hopes right? Since the whole (sim)racing industry is shifting towards VR, CM seems to stay in the past, the whole F1 franchaise does not support VR at all and DR2 is already end of life/VR support even before they announced an followup. I know that you also agree with this policy of CM, but we can also agree to disagree regarding this subject.
  8. What are you exactly trying to make clear? Why do you ask PJTierney to confirm that WMR headset's aren't officially supported by Codemasters? He already confirmed this, I even asked him to add this in the VR Faq of this forum ! As you can read there. That wasn't the point that I made at all. You just can't admit that you're wrong with your ridiculous statement that "an entirely new VR version just for Windows Mixed Reality" has to be build to make it working. You know that you're completely wrong with that single sentence and now you draw the attention to something that was already very clear to everybody including me. The correct fact and way to put it is: Codemasters don't want to look at WMR related issues regarding their VR implementation of DR2. THAT is a FACT. But it is also a fact that it doesn't need to be build up ENTIRELY for WMR. This is already proven by several youtube video's of people that played DR2 with the G2+3080, it's was working in the past and maybe for some people it still works. There is simply a bug in the current VR implementation that CodeMasters don't want to solve or look at, because they don't support WMR officially so they don't want to fix it, it's a CHOICE of Codemasters and I am and was discussing this choice that Codemasters made. I cant make this any clearler for you, I hope that you understand this point now and you accept the fact that an entirely new VR version just for Windows Mixed Reality isn't necessary at all and that a bugfix "could be" sufficient. To be ontopic: GREAT news joshmaze !!! Enjoy the game 🙂 And I still enjoy the game in 2D until a miracle happens 🙂
  9. Thank you for your reply Ialyrn and your suggestion. " I gave you another suggestion in your thread of trying "Revive" and seeing if its possible to use the Oculus version of the game, have you tried this yet? " Yes, that didn't make any difference at all. I also tried even Dirt Rally 1 with the same route (so did RagingBeard also, as you can read in " Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames 😞 " thread) and he experienced exactly the same issues. " and release an entirely new VR version just for Windows Mixed Reality. " On what is this information based? An ENTIRELY NEW VR VERSION? That isn't necessary at all ! It could be something very small, just a small bugfix that is needed. Why do you think that an ENTIRELY NEW VR VERSION should be developed for this? As you can also find in the "Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames" thread: some users (in the past, before recent DR2/Nvidia/WMR/SteamVR etc. updates) had Dirt Rally 2.0 running flawlessly on the Reverb G2+3080 ! So why do they need to build an entirely new VR version just for Windows Mixed Reality? They simply need to provide an (probably small) bugfix for this compatiblity issue. But they indeed refuse to do this, you are right with that they see DR2 as end of life. But you're exaggerate this issue in a MAJOR way. It is probably a small bug, that a entirely new VR version just for Windows Mixed Reality is needed is completely ridiculous. To get back on topic: Because this game is indeed end of life, all future updates from nvidia/steam/valve/microsoft/amd/intel etc.etc. could ruin the compatiblity for VR. Probably this also happened to joshmaze. He couldn't expect any support from codemasters, because as you said: The game is end of life and in my opinion in a undeveloped stage regarding VR (the issues in general, not only with the G2 are HUGE) for that reason I replied as I did. He should not expect support from CodeMasters since all issues won't be fixed as you also stated yourself. So I think that we can mutually agree that CodeMasters stopped their support so that if an VR issue arrises, it isn't solvable in MOST cases. So officially nothing is supported anymore since "Note: No more content or major bug fixes are coming to DiRT Rally 2.0" is at the start of this DR2 Support forum, which means that every new VR issue that arrises won't be solved at all by CodeMasters(maybe by Nvidia/Valve/Microsoft etc. but not by CM). EDIT: the stated issue " Dirt Rally 2.0 VR was working properly, now broken. Please help! " is EXACTLY the same as the issue with the G2+3080. Since DR2 was also working properly on the G2+3080, and is now ALSO broken on the G2+3080. So this is also the case now for other headset/hardware combinations. So maybe there is hope for the G2 users too, I hope that the VR problems will get bigger and BIGGER and that after a while CodeMasters DO want to take a small look at what is going on. Just to be nice to their buyers even while the game is discontinued. Maybe everything is related to one small bug and when more and more users get affected by this there is maybe still hope for all the affected VR users... I mostly hope that some Codemaster developers also use VR in their private time and that they also get affected by this same issue and that they manage to solve it pure out of their own frustration... Just wishfull thinking but not impossible since every VR user that experiences this incompatibility issue will be irritated.
  10. There is VERY CLEARLY indeed something very wrong with this game regarding VR. This is already clear for a long time, but CodeMasters won't give any support on SteamVR related issues. I almost begged them here and on other forums to look at it, but their only answer is: "Note: No more content or major bug fixes are coming to DiRT Rally 2.0". They see every bugfix regarding VR as an "major bugfix" so don't think that your issue is solvable. So please don't waste your time looking for an solution because I litterly tried EVERYTHING (so from every single driver version to every beta release to every ini-file to every registry file edit and even buying a complete new headset and a new USB PCI-E card etc. etc.) and NOTHING can fix it. This while EVERY single other game runs flawless on my setup, including ACC which is the most demanding VR game at this moment. DR2 doesn't even run at 20% resolution with the lowest possible settings on my 3080+Reverb G2. It's almost impossible to understand that such an great game that don't have an announced follow up (DR3 is not announced yet) it already gived up by their developers in such an early undeveloped stage, but it is the fact that we have to deal with here.
  11. GuusHugo

    Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames :(

    I've received the Inateck SATA powered USB 3.0 card today. It doesn't make ANY difference at all. The stuttering/jittering/flickering is EXACTLY the same. At the lowest possible settings. So now it is VERY clear that this issue is not USB related at all(as RagingBeard already expected, but now it's proven). I fully agree with that, I think that that's our only hope(lucky symptom) because until now we got ZERO support from Codemasters. Which is more then pity because the Reverb G2 is THE leading VR simracing headset at this moment, but Codemasters don't seem to care about this. Any input is welcome, but performance suggestions and USB suggestions are marked off the list... the solution to the bug/issue clearly has to be searched for elsewhere.
  12. GuusHugo

    Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames :(

    @Ialyrn & FusionJohn Thank you for your great input. I ordered the powered PCI-E Inateck 3.0 card on the advice of you both. I will keep this thread updated with my findings!
  13. GuusHugo

    Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames :(

    Exactly this. Thank you for your thinking together with us Ialyrn, we really appreciate your message but it isn't a performance issue at all. If you read our messages again then you can read there that with the lowest possible settings, even lower then the lowest preset(so manually put on the LOWEST POSSIBLE) in combination with 50%/50% resolution in Steam(looks like Wolfenstein 3D) and NO cmaa/msaa at all; it still lags/stutters. That are technically the lowest possible settings. This with an 3080 + 9700K clocked at 5ghz. I, of course, also tried the hardwaresettings tweak, this didn't make any difference. So it's very VERY clear, that no matter what setting we choose, it keeps stuttering/flickering/lagging in a MASSIVE way. Please understand this. The issue is clearly at Codemasters side, this since all other SteamVR games run flawlessly on our systems, including even Assetto Corsa Competizione which is known as the "worst game" in terms of performance for VR in general(besides DR2...). It can only be fixed by an bugfix/support from Codemasters, which they said that they refuse to give. This while the G2 is the best headset on the market for simracing at this moment, so it's very difficult to understand their point of view.
  14. GuusHugo

    VR FAQ & Performance

    "There are more known issues than this, however many are too minor to post here. As always the team is actively reading the forums to see how you're all getting on with the game. " No WMR support is a "minor issue"? In the other thread you mentioned: " First, neither Windows Mixed Reality nor the HP Reverb G2 are officially supported by DiRT Rally 2.0 ". And it's QUITE CLEAR now that the Reverb G2 doesn't work at all with DR2.0. I wouldn't call that a "too minor issue". It should be added to this FAQ that all new Windows Mixed Reality VR devices aren't supported at all. This FAQ is incomplete without such crucial information.
  15. GuusHugo

    Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames :(

    I found something interesting: https://steamcommunity.com/app/690790/discussions/0/2270320616968522692/ I NEVER saw both eyes on the monitor here when trying to use VR with the G2. On my monitor it shows as it is in this attachment, so something with the Reverb G2 goes differenly then "normal". Maybe that's the cause of this issue?