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  1. @BarryBL I decided to apply process described on page 8 of this thread. I already had KB security patch. I downloaded registry file patch. I breathed some minutes before i tried my luck. And. Tadaam. I saw for the very first time how may be F1 2019 with online options. Same with Dirt. And no problem however with all my other games. That's the first time i connect during day. Peraphs it won't work the same way during evening. We'll see. But I do want to thank you very much and confirm here that process seems to work.
  2. Thank you for responding. However, i confirm that W7 64 covers the minimum requirements as you may see for instance on Steam shop where i bought F1 2019 and Dirt Rally 2.0. I checked posts but, clearly, when you need to modify registry files as written, there are probably some problems to solve by Codemasters (servers?) itself before. The idea is to be able to play with online part of these games. Not to make it impossible to play with all other games after register modifications. W10 is probably good but you need a new machine for that. And, there are some problems with h
  3. Hi, I am quite a newbie on F1 2019 (and Dirt Rally 2.0). As mentionned everywhere on that thread, i can never connect online on Dirt 2.0 and now on F1 2019. I've got W7 64 but that makes no problem to connect online on all other games i play (WoW, COD, Assetto Corsa...). I read a lot of mixture with a lot of download of anything or everything to make it work. Why is there so many problems on CodeMasters servers, much more when, like that, a lot of features can not be played? F1 2019 is really a good game but these problems are not the best way to let me go towards
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