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  1. I don’t understand how grid is making such a good job in giving penalty when cutting corners but not being able to manage players hitting each other ? 

    this is ruining the experience. 

    please add penalty for hitting others, like 5 second stop on the side or something similar. 

  2. Is it me or the Porsche Moby **** is too much toward the simulation than the arcade style of driving?

     I’m always half way to the acceleration otherwise the car start spinning.

    Compare to all the other cars it is undriveable  with a PAD. 

  3. On 12/28/2020 at 8:03 AM, Oscar97 said:

    I recently bought Grid 2019, and so far I think the driving is excellent. I have some issues with the AI being a bit too easy, the track list being a bit on the smaller side, and the lack of variety in event types (only lap races and time attack, no endurance or drift (although drift might have taken away from the core experience). I'm also not a fan of the invitational events that should just be split accross the other disciplines and have cars that you can buy and paint instead of what we have now.

    Too easy? Have you tried Euro GT in hard. Can’t do better than 1:32.407 no matter how I tune the Porsche . What difficulty are you in playing? 

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