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  1. For half year game was running smoothly and now i'm getting this error "Access......" I haven't modified game files and no recent changes, just small Win10 x64 autoupdate, but possible i got errors earlier than installed this update.
  2. Scotland, wet, night. Lancia Stratos (and some other RWD) / all assists off. How it's possible on Pro/Elite+ ?
  3. @PJTierney oh, thank you. I messed things up. I thought that the club runs World Series and as an exception - the only club with awards. Next World series - next year? I'm right?
  4. @PJTierneyThank you for answer. Can you please clarify my quote, why i did not get it after 3-4 stages in round 1... (month ended, so...) do i need to complete all stages to get M2 in garage?
  5. I used much better with keyboard instead of controller, but after 100 hours, i can beat "controllers" times with keyboard, even i was last when started. Now i have same story with wheel, i'm so bad, just need patience.
  6. I know, it's old thing already, but all topics were archived, so i had to create new one 🙂 I've completed 3 or 4 stages (before car broke up) in Round 1 of qualifiers (Scotland) and they ended like 2 weeks ago, but i don't have BMW M2 in garage. Is because i haven't completed all tracks or because isn't obtainable for free anymore?
  7. I am able to change the nickname that's visible to me, in the top right of the menu section, next to credits, by changing my Steam profile name, but for some reason it doesn't change in the leaderboards. Is there any way to change my leaderboards nickname? I can't find or google way to do that
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