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  1. There's two options. Either put in the IP of the server which the interface will provide, or download a program which does the same job (but is better if your iinternet connection is not great).
  2. Over the past few months I have been working on a web based data analysis package for the f1 games. It takes the data from your car, and can either save it / present it to you live. It will be totally customisable what data you save, or show in real time. Due to it being web based the UI will be extremely simple. The idea is to simplify the process of recording and analysing data so that it's accesible to anyone. Software like 'Sim Racing Telemetry' often can be hard to get set up and working. The idea for my product is that it 'just works'. Please bear in mind any screenshots/videos are
  3. When you run that command, does it reply with 'OK' suggesting the command at least ran, or did the command not even work?
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