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  1. ElGeneraleLoco

    Logitech G923 and TRUEFORCE issues after 1.17

    I bought Dirt Rally 2.0 on Steam last weekend. Unfortunately, I too have a Logitech wheel that does not work in-game once the race loads. It's recognized as a G29 in the Inputs menu, and registers on the inputs sliders, but one I'm in the car the game does not respond to any inputs other than the X button and the View button on the wheel, no analog inputs whatsoever. I've done all the recommended tricks so far, disabling Steam controllers, exiting GHub, un-plugging and re-plugging wheel's USB while Rally 2.0 is running, etc. My G29 works great in iRacing and the NFS franchise, but doesn't seem to work with DR 2.0..... I have no idea about the FF performance, because so far I can't even get a car to move at all.