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  1. Made a great looking McLaren, and tried to make a Peugeot using dark blue, red and yellow but failed horribly lol And then some random 3rd one which i actually like. These will be my final attempts at making liveries in this years game . Gonna enjoy my team with my Lotus livery till F1 2021 drops and give making liveries a rest .
  2. Thanks my friend. So this will countinue into F1 2021 correct? Im beyond pumped to get my hands on that game . Lets hope for more freedom and options with it 🙂
  3. Darker shade of green it is , thanks. Would love to do a couple of seasons with this livery in my team but im going to finish this years game using my Lotus car since theres just not enough time before F1 21 drops. Really looking forward to F1 2021 and hopefully we get some better liveries and just overall customization options. Im dying to be able to add more sponsers ,resize sponsers and slap them on in anyway i want .
  4. Also tried my hand at remaking the Benetton B193. I think i did a fairly decent looking job with it. Maybe just change the sponsers colors ?
  5. Ohhh Baby i was finally able to make a Lotus im happy with . What a beauty !! I think shes a stunning head turner
  6. Finally could make my own beautiful Alpine .
  7. @Involved In ItThats the Chrome Livery correct?? I still have not got this livery and keep checking the daily items for the last 3 months and have still not seen it come around . I love white n Gold as well , this was my very 1st livery for my team when i got the game 4 months ago .
  8. Oh wow 🙂 What a beauty ! Thanks so much for this, i honestly forgot all about Opel.
  9. Man i just cant get enough of this livery. For the 1st ever im using 2 liveries for my team , the main green n black thats posted above, and also running this white one . Skoda F1 Team Racing is looking mint on the F1 Grid . Also this yellow one is getting a future playthrough in another my team save. Just gotta figure out what to call that team .
  10. Yeah so hard to make a livery/Car on console that stands out and looks like it truly belongs on the F1 grid . But this looks amazing on track and i cant get enough of watching replays and just admire it now lol I did however change the green just a tad , in certain weather conditions and tracks it looked kinda neon yellowish greenish . So i adjusted from 77 hue to 80 and Luminance from 120 to 110 . Now its perfect for me , and thank you .
  11. Its called Multi-Stripe and i believe it was podium pass season 4 . Cant truly say im 100% sure , just cant remember .
  12. Thanks , and yeah this livery in particular has so many great possibilities about it . I played with it for about 40mins and so many cool liveries just came out . So for the green its : Hue - 77 Saturation - 240 Luminance 120 .
  13. Great Job. You gave me inspiration with this . I went with Skoda F1 Team Racing which i posted my livery above yours, but this inspired me to change my current livery to this :
  14. New my team start and really can't decide what to go with . Jaguar or Skoda?? Do they pass as them ? What would you guys go with?
  15. Thank you . Sadly mine just does not look anything like yours lol My colors are just washed , played with my tv settings for 2 hours today trying to get it to match with no succes . That zones livery is just beatiful , but mine looks like complete trash lol . Thanks for the video again and good job on those.
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