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  1. evaredy1

    Unable to log into Clubs

    Ok, so I thought, maybe I need to log into Racenet, through the Series X, so I went to try and set up a Club inside the game, it asked me to log in, I entered my details and then it came back with a message to say that I had entered the wrong details. I have entered the correct details 5 times to no avail, I really don't get this and it is really starting to **** me off. Something so easy doesn't need to be this hard.
  2. evaredy1

    Unable to log into Clubs

    As the title says, I am unable to log into clubs here https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs I want to set up a private club, so I and my neighbour can compete against each other. At present we are filling out an Excel sheet with the stage and times, then swapping it with each other once a week. I am using an Xbox Series X and have linked it in my account and it shows as linked and is Green, I have then updated it. I have tried this at least 10 times to no avail. Every time I try to log into Clubs, I get the same message, "LINKED PLATFORM NOT FOUND To access this area you require a platform linked to your Codemasters account where you have played DiRT Rally 2.0. To link a platform, click 'MANAGE ACCOUNT' below. Once linked, press the 'REFRESH ACCOUNT' button to continue." I select "Refresh Account" but it just keeps coming back to the above message and I am unable to log in. I have deleted all cookies and browsing data in Chrome numerous times. I sent an email to Codemasters and to be honest, I was really disappointed that I simply received a basic reply, even after I went into detail about what happens and what I have done to try and fix the problem. I replied to them again explaining that I have tried everything they had suggested and I have not heard back from them and it's been a week. So here I am, asking you guys for some help as it is driving me bonkers and I would really appreciate your help. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies and links, much appreciated. This one is very useful Thanks for the link, Mike Dee. Through searching the internet for specific Dirt rally 2.0 Setup guides, I have managed to find some guides that may be of use to others. This one is really quite good and has quite a few setups for various cars. This one is for those, like me that have no clue what is what when it comes to mechanics. It has very useful links, that when clicked, open up a relevant page or video that explains it in more detail. And last but not least, This one posted here on Codemasters by 2Technical.
  4. I haven't read through all of the posts here, but I am wondering if there are any tutorials tips for Tuning? Not being mechanically minded I am finding it a little difficult to figure things out and would like some help with tuning for the different locations and cars. I play on an Xbox Series X. Thanks
  5. The things that annoy me and hopefully will be resolved in the new game. I haven't read through all of the replies, so I may double up. Visuals. 1. The Co-Pilot at the end of the stages, I would like some variation. 2. The crowds, look as though they were copied and pasted into each stage. Those that are filming or taking photos, look as though they are not even looking at the car, but rather just pointing into nowhere. 3. The flag poles at the start, overhang into the track and are ROCK solid, if I inadvertently hit one, the car stops dead without the pole even flinching. The same with some small posts. 4. It would be nice if the spectators reacted as you hit the fence or cut too close. 5. Spotlight glass doesn't bend, sometimes my lights are damaged and the glass is bent. Driving. 1. Make damage more realistic, there are way too many times when I just get a flat after rolling the car. it would be nice to have more damage based on the severity of the crash. 2. Make it about driving better, rewards and bonuses for no damage. Doesn't have to be monetary value, it could be based on a time bonus. There is no penalty for driving flat out with the engine at max revs. 3. Allow the car to be driven back onto the track. As it is, there are too many instances where it is near impossible to get the car back onto the track, even though it is a few yards away. Or it will stop dead if you hit a really small rock or tree. 4. Bigger choice of Free Repair vehicles when starting out. 5. Better overall options for Consoles, FOV, FFB settings etc. 6. Tutorials for Beginners that really detail Setups and Tuning as well as rallying fundamentals. 7. Better automatic gearbox. Too many times has it shifted into second gear when the car is stuck after a crash and trying to get back as quick as possible. Snow and Ice are horrible at Monti Carlo.