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  1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Some days ago I had to save and quit a race 4 laps before finish in leading position. When I resumed the game later I was very suprised, that I just got 400 XP (100 for each lap) instead of 5200 XP for 52 laps. But even more important is that I couldn't get all sponsor goals because of resuming. One sponsor wants me to get position 1 and holding it for some laps (I forgot how many exactly, but more than 4). I led the whole race but because I resumed with only 4 laps left I couldn't achieve this goal in the resumed
  2. Hello, I just started playing F1 2020 at beginning of the year. I really like it (played two seasons and about 150 hours at all), but I also have a list of things (some are mentioned yet) that could be changed and make the game much better. Since I play in german some quotes might be slightly different from the game in english ;) : Jeff in practice an qualifing: even you told him you will pit this lap he says: "No more fuel left, you have to pit this lap". Jeff in Race: when you ask him for opponents I race when I'm first, he always names the 2nd and 3rd driver. Even if they have
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