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  1. Gameplay of Dirt series up to now has been excellent. Now EA steps in. That means higher price, and crappy game spin-offs. Rally cars firing rockets and ****. And even worse menu structures than Dirt games already have.. what.. a.. pity.. I'm expecting to continue to be able to play Rally 2 for a good while, but after that.. WRC 10 perhaps? We'll see. In the meantime, thanks for all the fish
  2. While on the subject: The menu of Dirt3 is absolute torture, Dirt4 is even worse. On every choice that you make you are required to confirm your choice. Twice. with obligitory eye candy you MUST watch. Every.Single.Time. So. as you can see, I'm not too happy, and these choices are made by product management or coders deliberately. Here's the question Is the menu of Dirt5 more respectful of us, the paying customer? What's your opinion? I don't have Dirt5 yet. If the menu is as crappy as the previous versions I'm not going to waste my money on it.
  3. Hi all, Question: Is a replay of a stage stored as actual video file, or does the Dirt3 application assemble it 'on the fly' at replay time? Reason for question: I'm trying to capture the replay file using the Xbox gamebar that lives on windows10 pc's. Problem is this screen capture function can't keep up, so the resulting file is choppy and misses frames. If there is a source file I can use an offline video editor, the result will be so much better. See the attached clip. BTW, I also got the suggestion to build a faster pc. Seriously.. this software should run on pc's that
  4. New to Codemasters forum. I'm a bit surprised to find I can't post new topics in "older Dirt Games" section. That's a bit odd, because I think Dirt3 is still a relevant and challenging game. Is this a prelude to full phase out of Dirt3 altogether? (On-line leaderboards, on-line gaming etc) Thanks, Leo
  5. Greetings all Hailing from Holland, I'm in my early sixties, grandpa of three boys and dad to 4 girls. Network analyst, yadayada.. I know stuff about computers and networks. Been doing that since 1974, so yeah. Also an avid gamer, especially during the early 2000's (Microsoft Flight simulator). After a bit of a pause, I picked up Dirt3 and was instantly hooked. The game rocks. Sim rallying rocks. Since I sunk my teeth in Dirt3 and 4 in december I have some 300 odd hours into the game. Mostly improving my time in Time trials. Invested in a good wheel (Thrustmaster t300)
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