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  1. how do I use keyboard to control game when racing, I have a custom wheel on my T300 base, and have only few buttons left for reach, how do I remap this to use keyboard in game when I crash and need to change the tyre? I posted in other topic as well, hopefully I get some help here. appreciate the help in advance!
  2. hi, I have similar problem. Mine is that I cant change button layout on the wheel to confirm wheel change. I have Thrustmaster T300 RS GT, playing on PC, and have installed custom 320mm wheel, which now covers mahority of the buttons, except 4 most outer ones (L2, R2, SE, ST) and I change in settings to have lets say ST button as a Roadside repairs, save it, but when I crash and loose a wheel, when I need to confirm the change, it acts like I pressed Esc on keyboard. And whats worse, or Im stupid, is that I cant bind any keys on keyboard instead of wheel. WHY? Asetto corsa compe
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