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  1. Are you looking to join a competitive but friendly league racing environment? Sick of unranked lobbies? Want to join as a steward to make a difference? We are Open League racing, we are a brand new f1 discord league set up by myself. We are looking for drivers of all abilities, age and gender to come and join us for our very first season of OLR. All assists will be allowed until we get enough drivers to open up another division. The day and time for race days has not been set and this will be voted on by the drivers. Drivers from all regions are welcome. You do not need to have a league racing background to compete, just be clean, fair and mature on and off track. Prizes for the winner of each division when we transfer over to the upcoming f1 2021 game. Discord invite -> https://discord.gg/AVFfPzGVJ7 If you do not have discord please fill this form in https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bCDVga1vSw7Ec6uREk68W5MNc4kN4KIzCeDR1shcsXI Please make sure your privacy settings are open so we can send you a friend request and messages. Play station 4 and 5 only at the moment. If you are looking for a stewardship role please join and message myself. Obviously we are a new league, and it would be appreciated that if you do decide to check us out, to stay in the server as this will also help bring in new drivers. You wont receive any @ notifications. Above all, happy racing and we hope to see you soon.
  2. Hello everyone, We are Open League Racing EU, we are looking for new drivers to sign up for season one of OLREU. We are also looking for 2 stewards, stewards will be unable to race so feel free to apply no matter what platform you are on, you don't even need the game, just discord and some free time. A basic understanding of racing is required. Please join the discord https://discord.gg/xxEpUW8fTK and we will get you signed up. If you do not have discord but have a ps4/5 and still want to race please fill out this form and a staff member will be in touch via psn, please make sure your privacy settings allow users to send you friend requests. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bCDVga1vSw7Ec6uREk68W5MNc4kN4KIzCeDR1shcsXI This is currently a Ps4/5 league only. We are a new league so please bare with us until we reach a good number of drivers. For more information about race days and quali, please join the discord using the link and read through the league information section. https://discord.gg/xxEpUW8fTK Prizes for upcoming seasons on the f1 2021 game only. Happy racing.