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  1. Stages and stage features Basics: Dirt Rally 3.0 must have a wide array of stages and locations in order to stay relevant and to be playable for many years to come. Dirt Rally 1 and 2 had some amazing locations and stages (most notable for me would be: Sweet Lamb Wales, Anonduous Farmakas Greece) however, 2 long stages with reverses for each Location simply is not enough to stay fresh. I think Dirt Rally 3.0 should aim for 4 long stages, but 5 for each location would be perfect. The devs should aim to add 2 or 3 new long stages to the current existing locations from DR1 and DR2 and have thes
  2. These are the cars I'd love to see in Dirt Rally 3.0, as well as the classes. Keep in mind, there would have to be a class overhaul in DR3.0 (such as a date system e.g early group B late group B etc) and maybe the option to create your own classes to make this list of vehicles balanced. All cars from Dirt Rally 2.0 should be ported over to this, so do not worry if some from the existing game is not mentioned here, these are new cars that should be added to roster. Historic 1: 1960s Ford Escort RS1600, Volkswagen Beetle, Renault 8 Gordini, Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV, Fiat 2300, Trabant
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